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The benefits of customer journey mapping

With good reason, there is considerable talk about overcoming organisational silos. Customers no longer should stand to suffer from the organisational structure. Understanding how to meaningfully align with customers requires more than just overcoming these silos. The way around is customer journey mapping. What this does is that it processes the customer perspective to understand the brand experience. Companies can then study the user experience and identify the areas for improvement.

A quick run-through into customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is a tool that visualises the experience of brand interactions from the point of view of customers’. Eventually, you get a better understanding of your customers. As Blake Morgan, a customer experience futurist, points out – you must invest towards an experience-laden business. Doing so helps you optimise each customer touchpoint. Only then lead them towards a great experience and high-quality products and services.

Now that the basics are known, next up are the benefits of customer journey mapping.

Understanding customer emotions

As customers proceed through the several touchpoints, the map indicates their emotions and activity. For instance, can a customer easily and quickly connect to an agent using an IVR menu? Is it possible for the customer to switch from social media to a voice-based channel? Also, what is the satisfaction score or rating post-contact?

These are crucial questions that need to get answered. Only answering them will reveal how the customers feel about each step along the journey. These answers can then help brands improve their practices and curb any bottlenecks. Another learning aspect for brands is understanding aspects that are truly satisfactory for their customers. Knowing this, companies can heed more attention to optimising these successful practices.

Identify gaps in services

Panning out a customer journey map helps identify the gaps in customer service. For instance, one of the channels may be rendered understaffed, and hence, cause frustration to customers who prefer that avenue. In the same way, a switch or button from your desktop to mobile handset may not function as expected if the mobile version is not optimised. Another scenario is where agents are unable to attain timely support during service interactions. Seemingly trivial at first, these are crucial issues that need a resolve. They play a dynamic role in understanding the gaps in service renderings.

Enables your company to get the much-needed context

Today, if you do not understand your customer journeys, you probably do not know them well enough. And if that is the case, you are left uncertain about even engaging the right people in the correct corporations with the appropriate messaging and offers. Hyper-personalisation reigns the gamut of customer service. A shallow understanding can cost you a bomb.

A customer journey map also helps gain invaluable insights about current customers and prospects. The result is a better return on your marketing efforts and investments. It is all about return on investment (ROI). It is the bottom line that shall have the last talk.

Helps with customer retention

According to a mapping report, 67 per cent of customer experience professionals surveyed acknowledge using the customer journey mapping technique. What’s more, nearly 9 per cent of those agreed that their program reinforces a positive impact. And the most common result is a rise in customer satisfaction. The top-most results revealed were a lower churn or switch, fewer complaints and grievances, and a higher NPS or Net Promoter Score. In this stead, customers feel valued and cared for, and hence shall end up staying loyal to your brand and its services.

Increased sales and profitability

Satisfied customers not only stay but come back for more. This shows in the order sheet. Experts posit that brands enjoy an average sales cycle that is 18 times faster, along with 56 per cent more revenue from upselling and cross-selling strategies. What’s more, marketing efforts get rewarded and provide a handsome return on investment. With that said, customer journey maps help optimise both sales and profitability.

However, devising a customer journey map needs careful consideration. Next up are some of the common missteps.

Beware of the missteps

Trapped with an Inside-Out Perspective

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