Why Should You Prefer SSD VPS Hosting India?


In the ongoing times, SSDs (Solid-State Drives) have gained much popularity and are in high demand for data storage. Needless to say, solid-state drives have captured great attention in the web hosting industry due to its various advantages.

When it comes to picking the web hosting service, more and more web businesses are opting for virtual private server hosting. This is because VPS brings in the affordability of shared server hosting and benefits of the dedicated server hosting.  The virtual private server renders the private and isolated hosting environment on the shared physical server. With VPS hosting, you can gain hosting flexibility, reliability, data security, server administration, and many such privileges at the most affordable prices. Thus, to further intensify the functionalities and advantages of the virtual private server, web hosting providers are including SSD data storage with the VPS hosting plans. As a result, SSD VPS hosting is coming out as the most powerful and reliable hosting solution for numerous web businesses.

In this article, you will get to learn about how SSD server hosting can be highly beneficial for your web business. Also, you will get insightful details into the leading and best SSD VPS hosting provider – Serverwala. However, let us begin with defining SSD (Solid-State Drive) and how it is different as well as more profitable than traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Learn the difference: SSD vs HDD

The SSD is an acronym for Solid-State Drive. It employs flash memory for storing data on the drive and involves no moving parts. This enables the drive to read/write data at a faster speed without even getting heated much. Consequently, SSD consumes less energy as compared to HDD (Hard Disk Drive) that involves moving parts. The information that gets communicated through a Sold State Drive takes around 10-15 seconds. Whereas, the equivalent information communicated through a Hard Disk Drive takes 30-40 seconds. Moreover, in contrast to HDD, SSDs can operate relentlessly without making any noise. Also, SSD web hosting does not require defragmentation. However, hard-disk drive hosting tend to quit operating except if it is revived.

How using SSD Hosting India is beneficial?

Following are some of the significant benefits and privileges you can obtain from the SSD VPS hosting –

High Performance

Solid State Drive reads data straight from the storage area. It does not have magnetic disks or rotation heads and thus, makes the reading

writing faster than the Hard Disk Drive. Consequently, SSD VPS hosting intensifies your web business performance.

Hardware Reliability

Since solid-state drive does not have moving parts or read/write head, you do not have to encounter any distortions. Hence, it is highly efficient and reliable data storage with virtual private server hosting.

Faster Speed

SSD works 300% faster than the hard disk drive. This is because the SSD makes use of flash memory for data storage. It is faster in every function including, response time, file transfer time, read/write time, etc. Moreover, SSD provides a boost time of 10-13 seconds which is way less than what HDD provides.

Less Power Consumption

The solid-state drive is highly environmentally friendly. This is due to the fact that the SSD draws average power of less than 2W. So, SSD VPS hosting lets you save energy by reducing power consumption.

Best SSD Hosting Provider in India

It is important to seek the right SSD VPS hosting provider to acquire all its benefits. Serverwala web hosting company is the top-notch and provides the best VPS Hosting in India. It provides cheap SSD hosting India with high-grade web hosting facilities. The company renders the top-tier equipment and most advanced technologies with virtual private server hosting services. Moreover, it provides an extensive range of SSD VPS hosting plans and packages at the cheapest prices. Further, check out the excellent features in the next segment that you will obtain with the company’s SSD VPS hosting.

Top Features of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting India

Full Root Access

The company will provide you the complete administration control over your SSD VPS. This will let you manage, control, and run your virtual private server as per your web business needs without any constraints. Further, you will be able to install the compatible operating system, applications, and other programs for your web business.

High Data Security

With the company’s SSD VPS hosting plans and packages, your web business will acquire advanced data security features incorporating firewall protection, DDoS protection, SSL certificate, etc. Further, your system will have the capability to recognize the incoming malicious menaces. Also, it will automatically execute safeguards against the same to protect your web business data.

99.90% Uptime Network

You will obtain the assurance of a 99.90% uptime network from the company. Your web business will acquire redundant power and constant secure channels. This will also enable your business to have high-tech network flexibility leading to the highest uptime and zero downtime.

1 GBPS Network Speed

The company’s data centers ensure to deliver the highest of 1 GBPS of network and secure connections with each SSD VPS hosting plan. Your web business will be able to provide twenty times faster connectivity to the end-users. Furthermore, you will also have the access to unlimited bandwidth in order to fulfill all your web business demands.


Serverwala enables its customers to scale up the resources and upgrade their hosting plan easily as and when needed. So, you will be able to grow your web business flexibly with the high availability of resources.


The SSD VPS hosting enables you to have lower power consumption, fast speed, enhanced performance, and much more benefits for your web business. Moreover, Serverwala web hosting company provides managed as well as unmanaged hosting services with SSD virtual private servers. If you do not have enough experience in web hosting or lack time, you can pick the managed SSD VPS hosting from the company. However, the company makes sure to provide 24/7 technical assistance through experts with every kind of SSD VPS hosting plan. You can further connect with the company’s professionals right away via the round-the-clock Serverwala customer support facility to grab more details about its best SSD VPS hosting.

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