Benefits Of All-Weather Floor Liners vs Standard Carpets

So you’ve got a new truck that you want to keep as clean as possible. Should you get a Weathertech Digitalfit, or should you get a carpet mat? It really depends on what you want your liner to do.

What Are the Benefits of All-Weather Mats?

As the name suggests, all-weather mats are designed for drivers out and about in all types of weather. They’re usually made of rubber or plastic and lay over your vehicle’s original flooring.

Best Protection

If you want to keep your truck’s cab dry, all-weather liners offer the best protection. No matter how muddy it is outdoors, your vehicle’s carpet will stay pristine.

Easy Floor Liner Maintenance

Most liners are easy to install and just as simple to remove. When yours gets dirty, you can peel it off, hose it down and lay it flat to dry. Once all water has evaporated, you just place it back on your flooring, and you’re all set.

Highly Durable

Whether you get 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor mats or similar brands, they’re all built for durability. All-weather mats are designed to withstand all kinds of abuse:

  • Mud
  • Snow
  • Clay
  • Sand

If you can step in it, your all-weather liner can withstand it. That means less cost in the long run since your mat will last years.


Moisture can wreak havoc on a truck’s interior. For example, if it sinks into the carpet, you might get mold or mildew. That’s hazardous to your sense of smell–and health. Fortunately, all-weather liners keep your truck’s original carpeting from absorbing moisture.

Excellent Grip

All-weather liners have carefully designed ridges and divets. These features serve two purposes: to direct debris and provide additional grip for your shoes. If you’re worried about slipping, an all-weather mat is an excellent investment.

What Are the Benefits of Standard Carpet Liners?

Carpet mats are made with carpet fibers and go over your truck’s original flooring. They respond to muck as you may expect, which means drivers in cold, wet climates may not get the protection they’re looking for. However, carpet liners have their benefits.


While you can usually get an all-weather liner to fit your cab, you can’t personalize it. Carpet mats have many customization options, such as embroidered logos and names.

Easy To Clean

Most carpet liners are easy to clean since you can toss them into the washing machine. Of course, you should scrape off the worst muck beforehand for best results. After a tumble in the dryer, they look good as new.


There’s no doubt that carpet is much more comfortable underfoot than plastic. If you’re driving long distances, the hard ridges on an all-weather mat can quickly become a nuisance.


All-weather liners usually come in black to mask the discoloration of dirt and grime. While this is practical, it’s not much to look at. In contrast, carpet liners come in various colors–even patterns. If making your truck feel like home is one of your top priorities, you should stick with carpet.

Now that you know what liners can offer, it’s time to find your perfect model. From Husky car mats to carpet liners, you’re sure to find the ideal match for your vehicle.

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