How Many People Are In The World | 2021

We almost wonder how many people are in the world there are almost a whopping 7.9 billion people on earth and this number is estimated by the Census Bureau United States of America in their recent survey.

How many people are in the world

The world population in 2015 was 7.2, in the last 6 years almost 700 million people are born on earth. This 7.9 billion number is estimated based on UN’s data that shows surpassing 7.7 billion people.

Most Populous Countries

There are only 2 countries in the world with a population crossing the number of 1 billion is China and India. if we talk about the world’s most populated country that is China with almost 1.4 billion people in that country. China has 18.34% of the total world population and controls its population with a growth rate of only 0.34%.  And following china, there is India with a population exceeding 1.38 billion people. Census Bureau United States of America estimated that in the year 2030 India will take the position of china for being the world’s most populated country in the world. Currently, India has 17.69% of the total world population and a growth rate of 0.97%. 

The population of the world in 2020 was 7.75 billion people with a growth rate of 1.03% of almost 80 million people this year.

Populous ratio

If you want to know that world population by country there are top 11 countries with the number exceeding 100 million number. Top one USA.

  1. The U.S.A 333 million
  2. Indonesia 227 million
  3. Pakistan 227 million
  4. Brazil 214 million
  5. Nigeria 214 million
  6. Bangladesh 167 million
  7. Russia 146 million
  8. Mexico 130 million
  9. Japan 125 million
  10. Ethiopia 119 million
  11. Philippines 111 million

Most populous religion

World population by religion are very different like with most people on earth are Christians and 2nd most people on earth by religion are Muslim but till 2019 Hinduism were 3rd on the list but with people that are becoming atheists now atheists are on the 3rd number in population and Hinduism is now on the 4th place in the list.

There is a list of world population by religion

  1. Christianity                                      
  2. Islam
  3. Athiest
  4. Hinduism
  5. Buddhism
  6. Chinese traditional religion
  7. Ethnic religions
  8. African traditional religions
  9. Sikhism
  10.  Spiritism 
  11. Judaism 
  12. Baháʼí 
  13. Jainism
  14.  Shinto 
  15. Cao Dai
  16.  Zoroastrianism 
  17. Tenrikyo
  18.  Animism
  19.  Neo-Paganism 
  20. Unitarian 
  21. Universalism
  22.  Rastafari
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