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What Are Some Of The Most Common Jamaican Snacks?

The unusual and delicious Jamaican cuisine usually delights visitors to the island. Jamaican cuisine highlights the country’s rich culinary legacy, which dates back to the sixteenth century and includes a unique blend of races, cultures, and faiths. Jamaican cuisine owes much to the innovation and originality of a diverse group of settlers and native communities. The temperature, waters, animals, fish, fruits, vegetables, and rich soil contribute to its exceptional cuisine. All of this results in ‘Jamaican food’ that is healthy, varied, nutritious, and flavorful. Their food is likewise gaining popularity and is now available in many regions of the globe. If you wish to buy Jamaican snacks online, these are the Top 10 favourite foods that every Jamaican is familiar with:

Chips made from bananas

The Jamaican Banana Chips, which are crunchy and tasty, are a favourite among Jamaican parents and children who want a quick crunchy bite. It’s cooked with fresh, green bananas and just the perfect amount of salt and pepper. Chips consisting of breadfruit, cassava, and ripe plantains are also available.

Big Foot

This treat is shaped like feet (if feet had only three toes!). Many Caribbean houses have huge cheese snacks, and many travellers to the island enjoy them. You can choose between the standard cheese version and the equally delicious spicy Big Foot.

Spice bun

Although not a traditional treat, the Jamaican Spice Bun deserves to be included on this list. It’s created with cinnamon, dried fruit, and raisins, among other things. It can be served with slices of cheese, which makes each bite more satisfying than the last. It’s known as the “hungry belly” snack since it’s a quick and full snack that can be consumed at any time of day.

Jamaican patties

You can’t visit Jamaica without trying a Jamaican patty. The flaky pastry is inexpensive and makes a great lunch for those on the move. You can get it with whatever filling you like (soy, chicken, beef, calaloo, or shrimp, to mention a few).

Bites of peppered shrimp

A trader or two will most certainly try to sell you peppered shrimp if you go to any beach on the island, like Hellshire in Portmore. These high-protein snacks have a lot of flavours and are excellent when peppered.

Shirley biscuits

What kind of snack list would be complete without a cookie? Shirley biscuits are a famous veteran snack that has been around for almost 60 years. Biscuits have a distinct flavour, and these cookies are no exception. Grab a couple of packs and share them with the family.

Kiss cakes

The Kiss Cake is well-known among Jamaicans, despite being not native to the island. Chocolate, Orange, and Vanilla are among the flavours available in the cream-filled snack cake. This sweet dessert is delicious at any hour of the day, but it’s especially good after a substantial dinner.

Coconut drops

Cосоnut drops, often known as plain drops, are a favourite snack among Jamaicans of all generations. The term alludes to the way these sweets are prepared. Dropping a hot combination of spices, sliced coconut, and sugar onto banana leaves to cool makes these Jamaican delicacies.

Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t in the country or have no plans to visit anytime soon. Maybe this article whetted your appetite, and now you’re desiring some of the goodies on this list. Don’t worry, most of them are still available. With the advent of the internet, you can now order Jamaican snacks online from the comfort of your own home.

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