What Is A Dry Hit? 4 Easy Ways To Avoid It

Delicious flavors are a primary attraction of vaping. When basking in it, you are rudely caught off-guard by that nasty taste and burning sensation in the throat like the flames of hell. It is the notorious dry hit that happens to every vapor. Here, we understand ways to avoid it. 

What is a Dry Hit?

A dry hit happens when you vape and get a burnt and awful taste along with a severe burning sensation in the throat that can be irritating. Insufficient e-juice or improper wicking is its primary cause. A dry hit spoils the taste, causes irritation to the throat, and damages your vaping device, especially the coil head. 

Easy Ways to Avoid Dry Hit

A dry hit is inevitable. But you can certainly make it a rare occurrence by learning smart ways to avoid it. Check them out!

Not Taking Time Between Hits 

Many vapors fall prey to chain vaping or continuous puffs. Due to it, the wick does not get sufficient time to reabsorb the juice from the tank and yield a burnt taste and flavor. Moreover, you get doomed to this burnt flavor and dry hits till you change the coil. 

Hence, you must rest the device for at least half a minute between drags. It cools down the device and allows the wick to resoak the vaping juice. Another good practice is drawing longer and slower puffs with an adequate gap between two puffs. Few vapors also avoid dry hits by taking primer puffs, i.e., puffs when the battery is inactive to force more juice into the atomizer compartment. 

High Wattage 

Each vaping device has a stipulated wattage range for optimal performance. You will likely trigger the coil burn and experience dry hits when you exceed it. 

Most people vape at high wattage for more vapor and nicotine per puff. By exceeding the limit, you burn more e-juice at a much faster pace and land on dry hits that have a burnt taste instead of your favorite flavor. A better alternative would be to try salt nic to get an tantalizing experience. It works best at low wattages and satiates your nicotine craving to the tee. 

Another golden rule is to start heating your coil at lower wattages and then work your way up within permissible limits. It yields better life and better flavors. 

Issues with E-juice and Coil 

Any problem with the e-juice and coil will eventually lead to a dry hit. A few things to check out every time you vape is:

Inadequate E-juice  

A specific cause of a dry hit is insufficient e-juice to vape. Insufficient e-juice implies insufficient e-juice to saturate the wick for perfect vapors and flavors. Hence, you must always ensure that the tank is at least half full before you begin vaping. Anything less than it is likely to give you a dry hit. 

Not Priming the Coil

Many vapors do not realize the importance of priming the coil properly. It is essential to prime a new coil or soak it in the e-juice well. The first vape needs to be smooth. Not priming the coil or doing it improperly will give a burning sensation and flavor. It will also destroy your coil prematurely. 

The right way to prime the coil is to put a few drops of e-liquid on the exposed wick, allow it to get absorbed, and then add more if required. Use your judgment as you encounter problems with both less and overflowing juice.  

Improper Wicking 

Many build their coils. If you do not put sufficient cotton in the wick, the heating and absorption of the e-juice would not be at the same pace, and you would get a dry hit. Hence, the wick should have an adequate amount of cotton. 

Not Saturating the Wick 

Many skip on saturating the wick at frequent intervals after priming the coil. Ideally, it would be best if you dropped a few drops of e-liquid to the exposed pores of the coil every time you are filling your tank or changing the vape juice. It eliminates the possibility of a dry hit.

Not Changing the Coil

A coil is that replaceable part of the vaping device that can burn out quicker than its stipulated time due to your vaping technique and frequency. A dry hit is a strong indicator that it’s time to change the vape coil. 

High wattage and too frequent vaping shorten its life. Furthermore, the sweeteners and colorants of the e-juice tend to deposit on the wick and coil. Over time, they caramelize and lead to the burnt flavor. Dark color juices also make your vape coil go bad. Regular cleaning of the vape coil increases its lifespan and keeps the flavor intact. But if cleaning does not help, you should not hesitate to change the vape coil. 

Not Using Correct E-juice Ratio

Most vapors are sensitive to the PG/VG ratio in vape juice. But few realize that a higher VG or vegetable glycerin ratio is a significant culprit for dry hits. The wick does not readily absorb VG, a thick liquid and. It puts extra pressure on the coil, due to which they give dry hits after a particular level.

Final words  

As evident, dry hits are predominantly caused by human error and, sometimes, a faulty unit. Its primary culprit is a dry wick while vaping.

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