Best Online Courses For Web Development 2022

Is becoming a web developer on your bucket list? Start by taking one or more of these web design classes. Our “quick facts” section at the bottom of each course description includes information about the course’s cost. There are many PGP in Full Stack Web Development courses, and you can pick accordingly.

1. Simplilearn – Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development:

This program helps in mastering both the front end and back end java technologies. It begins from the basics to the advanced knowledge of the entire stack developer. You will get the chance to learn spring boot, angular, hibernate, JSPs, and MVC and make a great career.Is becoming a web developer and learning best frameworks for web apps on your bucket list?

2. Become a Web Developer by Codecademy:

Learn the basics of web development with Codecademy’s self-guided tutorials. A self-contained development environment to learn the fundamental structures of front-end and back-end languages. It’s estimated that 45 million people will be using Codecademy by the end of 2020.

3. Computer Programming by Khan Academy:

One of the most comprehensive free web development training resources is Khan Academy. For free, students can take advantage of course modules that include detailed information slides as well as video tutorials and “challenges.” Experts provide audio and video tutorials for each topic.

Many different topics are covered in the Computer Programming web development course, including introductions to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It’s no secret that Khan Academy is renowned for its dedication to providing accessible, high-quality education to everyone.

4. Introduction to Programming Using Python – eDx

MIT, one of the country’s best technical schools, provides a wealth of self-paced courses. Numerous courses in programming, development, mathematics, and computer engineering are available through the MIT OpenCourseWare program, making learning about a wide range of subjects.

Many students prefer a comprehensive web development course rather than an in-depth study of one or two concepts or theories. MIT professors and computer science and engineering lecturers teach this eDx course, which briefly introduces a wide range of computer science topics.

Students can take the audio version of this course for free, even though the certificate option costs money. Even if you can’t put the certificate on your resume, this is a great way to improve your practical skills and build a portfolio. It is one of the best  PGP in Full Stack Web Development courses.

5. Programming for Everybody by Coursera & University of Michigan:

Coursera has a massive selection of free and paid online courses from universities worldwide. Each class is slightly different, but there are various courses for programming, development, and computer science to get a taste.

A unique free online web development course with certificates is Courser’s Python course. Enrollment is free, and upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate.

This course teaches students to use Python to write computer code. Course content is based on “Python for Everyone,” which teaches you how to write your first Python program. Students learn programming fundamentals in Python, including functions, loops, and variables. It’s also taught by a University of Michigan professor, Charles Severance, a Ph.D. in information science.

6. Learn Web Development by Mozilla:

Through the Mozilla Developer Network, the Mozilla team behind Firefox has created an incredible resource for developers of all levels and expertise (MDN).

It’s great for students who prefer to learn that way as it has a lot to read. Students can self-study and take assessments at any time because MDN covers a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals to the more advanced.

The emphasis on accessibility is one of the courses’ distinguishing features. Many web developers, especially those who work for public sector organizations like nonprofits and government agencies, must ensure that their code is accessible to all.

7. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures by freeCodeCamp:

Learn to code for free with freeCodeCamp, a no-frills educational resource. We’ll focus on the JavaScript specialization for our list of the best web development courses because they offer many free courses with free certificates.

Learners of HTML and CSS will appreciate this emphasis on JavaScript because it teaches them how to make a web page more interactive. Students can practice their JavaScript skills right on the freeCodeCamp platform by creating algorithms and manipulating strings after learning the basics of the language. You can choose this from many  PGP in Full Stack Web Development courses.

8. CS50’s: Introduction to Computer Science:

The only Ivy League-taught web development course on our list is here to help you get started! If you’re a beginner, this course is for you. It’s taught by Harvard professor of computer science David J. Malan. Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and other markup and programming languages will be introduced to students.

9. HTML, CSS, Javascript for the Web Developers:

The course emphasizes current trends in web development, such as cross-browser compatibility and fast page load times, while also introducing the essential tools for web development. Many different topics are covered in Chaikin’s book, including HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and web application development.

10. The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022:

Udemy’s most popular web development course has been updated to include an additional 60 hours of new material. This is a perfect course for those just starting in web development who want to get their feet wet quickly. According to the course’s instructor, an impressive 94% of course participants work full-time in the web development industry. Because the system is geared toward beginners and costs only $16.99, it’s a great value!

Due to its length, students should be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort to succeed. Many concepts, tools, and subjects will be taught to you in this course. You’ll learn about HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript and SQL databases.


When choosing a web development course, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Fortunately, there are many available options, even for free web developer training.

When searching, look for courses taught by well-known instructors with a track record of success. There are plenty of free online web development courses to choose from. These are some of the  PGP in Full Stack Web Development courses.

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