How Do I Choose The Best Commercial Printing Company In My Local Area?

Even amidst a growingly digital world, print work is still as important as ever.

The printing industry is worth more than $77 billion at the moment. If you require any sort of printing service, it’s important that you find the help of a local printing company that you’ll trust and appreciate.

So how can you find the best print shops in your area? We’re glad you asked.

Keep reading to learn the best steps for finding a commercial printing company that you’ll enjoy doing business with.

Learn Why Printing Services Are Essential

Print work is essential both for internal communications and to build a better rapport with your customers. Printing work is crucial for marketing and passing on important information.

You’ll be better able to hit your target market, establish brand credibility, and personalize every piece of material that you release. Outsourcing this work to a print shop will help you get professional-level results, while saving time and getting skilled direction.

Find Out the Specialties of the Company

Any printing business that you partner with will likely have some products that they specialize in.

Several printing companies serve the marketing industry by creating brochures, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, and other products.

Others specialize in quality internal communication. Creating thorough business reports of your budget, goals, meeting notes, and other information can help your company stay organized and consistent. A print company can help you bind these products with the best materials and attention to detail.

Ask About Their Printing Process and Equipment

Learn what equipment and techniques the commercial print company uses as well.

Examples of commercial printing processes include lithography, LED ultraviolet (UV) printing, flexography, and large format printing. Ask them what printing equipment they use and what speed and output they can guarantee.

Be particularly mindful about the technology they use if you work in a specialized field. For example, medical and government industries require certain coding and watermarks on their documents to remain in compliance.

Explore the Different Types of Ink and Paper

Every detail matters when you’re a small business owner. Getting to know details like the type of ink and paper stock you’re paying for dictates overhead costs and the quality of outcome that you receive.

Ink types like solvent, aqueous, dry sublimation, latex, and ultraviolet (UV) ink can help. You’ll also need to know different codes and types when shopping for color and black ink.

Paper stock differs by weight and different coatings. Understanding this helps you choose the paper thickness, brightness, and other details.

Check Out Previous Examples of Their Work

Find out what type of work a commercial printing company has turned around in the past. The only way to know for sure is by asking to see their portfolio or contacting some other companies that have hired them.

Any work that they have turned around should be detailed and exuding craftsmanship. Be wary of companies that allow mistakes in their work, or that cut corners with details.

Your printing work is more likely to “wow” people when you can trust the company’s effort and output.

Make Sure They Are Masterful at Hitting Deadlines

Business ownership also requires you to get work done in a timely manner. As such, you should only do business with printing companies that hit their deadlines.

Draw a hard line in doing business with companies that are habitually late or that can’t guarantee speedy timetables. Certain companies will also provide expedited print work that you can get a quick turnaround time on.

The deadline for the print work should be included in any invoice that you receive, and should be a binding part of the contract.

Get a Few Price Estimates Before Deciding

Take the time to gather a list of estimates from the four or five best commercial printing companies that you find in your area. Make sure that your consultation is as detailed as possible so that you can count on the price estimates to be accurate.

Aside from the price of this project, ask about the working relationships they operate under. For instance, some companies only work on a case-by-case basis, while others can help you out with a retainer for ongoing work.

Select a business that is cost-effective, but don’t necessarily jump on the cheapest price. Weigh the level of professionalism and service that you get, and then choose a company that is cost-effective and that you know you can afford.

Choose Business That Has Amazing Customer Service

Finally, customer service is everything when you’re putting together large print jobs. You should be able to quickly and easily get answers when you need them.

Everyone that you speak with should be professional, courteous, and most of all — helpful.

They should also have client-friendly refund policies or contract terminations. The company should also explain its policies upfront and in full.

The next time you ask yourself — “How can I find commercial printing companies near me?”, let these points serve as your starting point.

Find a Commercial Printing Company That You’ll Appreciate

The tips above will guide you when you’re choosing a commercial printing company that you’d like to partner with. Start here and then touch base with several commercial printing businesses in your local area that you can work with.

You’ll love the finished products that you receive.

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