Disney Discussions: How Much Does DVC Cost Per Year?

Around 58 million people visit Disney World each year, making it one of the most visited theme parks in the world. These millions of people are drawn to the magic and thrills of popular parks like the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. If you’ve been hoping to take your family to Disney, you’re far from alone.

One popular way to create a magical vacation for you and your family is through the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). This club provides you the opportunity for not one but many visits to your favorite theme park. If you’ve been considering the DVC, you likely have many questions.

One of the biggest questions people have is about DVC costs. Continue reading to learn how much you can expect to spend and what you receive in return for your investment.

DVC Membership Basics

DVC membership allows you to purchase part of a timeshare property directly from the club. This purchase is represented by vacation points discussed more in-depth below.

Essentially, you can use these vacation points to book accommodations at the Disney Resort or other destination of your choosing. There are many flexible options available, so there’s a membership option for all Disney lovers.

Vacation Points

Once you’re a member of the DVC, you receive an annual allotment of vacation points. The number of vacation points is based on the membership you’ve chosen. You can use these points to book your vacation when, where, and however often you’d like.

You can “bank” unused vacation points at the end of your annual term. This means you can transfer unused points to next year’s vacation points bank. For example, if you have 150 points per year but didn’t use any of them, you can have a total of 300 to spend the following year.

Additionally, you can borrow from next year’s vacation point balance. Let’s say your desired vacation costs 300 points, but you only receive 200 annually. You can borrow the additional 100 points from next year’s balance, leaving you with 100 total for the following year.

DVC Costs

The Disney Vacation Club buying process is simple, but how much does it cost? Costs are broken down into three categories – purchase price, closing costs, and annual dues.

The purchase price is equal to $201 per point multiplied by how many points you’ve selected. For example, if you’ve chosen the minimum 150 vacation points, your purchase price would cost $30,150.

Closing costs vary based on the resort and the number of vacation points you own. The starting price for this is $628.

Annual dues cover essential costs like upkeep, real estate taxes, and more. These will vary based on the Disney resort or destination you’ve chosen but begin at $105 per month.

Want To Learn More About the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club is one way to ensure your family can experience the magic Disney World has to offer. DVC cost varies but provides significant benefits for your investment.

Do you want to learn more about the Disney Vacation Club?

Check out our other blogs. You’ll find valuable articles on the DVC and other potential family vacations to help you learn more on the subject.

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