5 Tips For Selling Valuable First Edition Books

Did you know that the first edition of John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath is worth around $2,500?

One day while removing some old items in your basement, you come across a collection of old first edition books. Recently in the news, you heard about some old books being auctioned for as high as $3000. Instead of throwing the book away, you decide to sell them to make extra cash.

Lucky for you, this article will give you five valuable tips for selling valuable first edition books.

1. Sell Online

Imagine a scenario where a collector wants to buy the first edition of an old valuable book. They have two options; to go to yard sales or search online if someone is selling the book they want. Which option do you think is more convenient for them, considering geographical variances?

Selling a book online offers a lot of convenience to buyers, and anyone in the world can access you via the internet. The beauty of selling online is that you won’t have to do a physical setup or do a lot of planning. You only need to have a shipping company that you can trust to ship the book to whichever corner of the world your buyer is.

List the book on either eBay or Amazon; the most popular e-commerce sites. You will only be required to state the book’s condition and how much you want to sell it for.

2. Sell at a Yard Sale

This remains one of the most old-fashioned ways to sell items you want to get rid of in your house. Remember, you need to plan in order to inform your neighbors that you will be having a yard sale. Don’t just wake up one day and decide to display your first edition books on your lawn, hoping to attract a lot of passers-by.

Pick a date, then let your neighbors know. More so, you can make posters to let other people in your neighborhood know you will be having a yard sale. Better yet, you can organize as neighbors to have yard sales the same day to attract an even larger crowd.

3. Maintain Them Well

How the books are maintained will determine their value. If you want to make a decent amount of money selling old books, make sure you have maintained them well.

4. Cash4yourbooks

Cash For Your Books is a company that buys books for cash. Mostly they consider a large collection of books, but they can make an exception if you have a few valuable books you want to sell.

5. Local Book Shops

Check the bookstores in your local area that purchase used or rare books. Most stores might give you cash depending on how valuable the book is, or you can get a discount when purchasing another book.

Earn Money by Selling Valuable First Edition Books

Just because you have the first edition of a book doesn’t mean that it’s valuable. Consider the year of publication, author to have an idea about the book’s value. Use the above pointers to help you when selling valuable first edition books.

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