How to Choose The Best Locations For Your Yard Signs

When you are investing in yard advertising signs to promote your business, announce a big sale, or invite applications for vacant positions, you will want them to get the best response. The most important factor responsible for getting a good response is the location of your signs. If you get the sign placement right, you will get better results and save more money as you need fewer signs. Additionally, your brand and business will benefit from greater exposure, and you will achieve improved brand recognition and recall. Some useful tips for getting yard sign placement right:

Know the Local Regulations

Many U.S. states have laws and rules regarding the placement of outdoor signage, including lawn signs. Since violating these can result in getting them pulled down, slapped with fines, and otherwise place you in an embarrassing situation, you should first check the local rules and regulations before you firm up your plans for putting up lawn signs. The U.S. Supreme Court in 2014 ruled that if the government entity in any state, city, town, etc., allows the display of permanent or temporary signs, it must also allow everyone else to put up similar signs. It means that if there are sales signs already put up by businesses, no local government body can stop you from putting up similar signs. However, as a responsible business, you should always endeavor never to inconvenience others with your signs.

Identify High-Impact Locations

You will get the best results from your yard signs if you place them in high-impact areas. You will be able to boost your brand visibility and get your target audience to take the action you want them to. You should appreciate there is a difference between a high traffic area and a high impact area. For example, if you are targeting the youth, you will get better results if you place your signs near the university than in a residential area. You need to figure out where your potential customers live, work, and play so that they have more opportunities to see your signs. It can help to focus more on areas with more foot traffic or where the traffic usually stops so that people get more time to notice and read your signs.

Keep Changing the Locations

If you let a sign stay put in a particular place for a long time, it becomes part of the scenery, and people stop taking note of it. For this reason, you must keep changing the locations so that people notice them more. Also changing the design of the signs helps to increase visibility. However, you should not replace the designs with new ones or relocate them too frequently as you will lose the opportunity to get the maximum number of impressions. According to Forbes, outdoor signs are perfect for driving social media campaigns.


Yard advertising signs are easily among the most affordable and high-impact local advertising methods for small businesses to reach out to local audiences. Asking family, friends, and customers to help you to place the signs also builds the all-important community bonding essential for business success vipleague.

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