How To Sell Photo Prints Online: A Beginners Guide

The median pay for photographers is about $41,000 a year. There are several ways to make money, through syndication, freelance work, and self-employment.

Many turn to wed and family photography because those niches pay very well. However, they don’t fill the creative needs of photographers.

If you want to get paid for your creativity, find ways to sell photo prints online. Want to know more? Read on to learn the top places for selling photographs.

1. Etsy

Etsy is the place where people go if they want to sell or buy unique, hand-crafted items.

The main consideration with selling prints on Etsy is the fulfillment aspect. You could print the orders and ship them yourself. Most photographers use a drop shipper to print and fulfill the orders.

Etsy tends to be pretty competitive, so be sure to research other photographers on the platform. See what kind of images sell and for how much.

This information comes in handy when you’re creating your listing. A little keyword research helps as well. You’ll discover the types of photography people are looking for.

2. Ecommerce Website

One way to sell photo prints online is to build an ecommerce site and sell prints through the site. You’ll have more control over the site.

You’ll also have more control over every aspect of the sales process. You have more work to do to handle orders that come through the site.

You have to have a payment processor, website hosting and have a way to drive traffic to your site. It’s also important to have materials to pack and ship the prints.

You need a photo printer, picture mats, frames, and packing materials. That takes a lot of time that you can spend on creating stunning photos.

3. NFTs

What are NFTs? For photographers, NFTs are a digital version of selling photography prints. The prints are bought and stored on the Etherium blockchain.

There are platforms like OpenSea, Makers Place, and Rarible that you can use to sell your digital prints online. Check the fees for each site before you list your first print.

NFTs work for collectible items. You’re targeting investors who collect works of art they think will increase in value over time. Keep that in mind when you’re selling your images online.

4. Stock Websites

Stock websites are an interesting place to sell photo prints online. A place like Adobe Stock sells licensing rights to publishers and content creators to use your images.

They take care of pricing the image, you get a small amount of money from each sale. The top photos tend to do well based on volume.

The key to success here is to use generic, high-quality images.

5. Fine Art America

Fine Art America is a print-on-demand service photographers use to sell prints online. You have to create an account and upload your photos.

You can choose how to sell your photos. You’re not just limited to wall prints. You can sell your images on stationery, phone cases, and many more items.

Sell Photo Prints Online

You have plenty of options available to sell photo prints online. They have varying degrees of control and costs. Weigh them carefully to find the best place for selling photographs.

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