How To Play Dungeons And Dragons: A Quick Guide

Despite the pandemic forcing many people to stay indoors in 2020, Dungeons and Dragons remained more popular than ever as players shifted the game to online spaces.

Have you wondered how to play Dungeons and Dragons? Here is a brief guide to the game, how you can get started, and some ground rules to help you along the way.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop game that involves dice, character building, and world-building. Players design their own character with traits they like and go on an adventure together.

The game was created in 1974 and has grown ever since, expanding into online spaces with more complex characters and gameplay.

Find a Dungeon Master

The person who will lead your group is known as the Dungeon Master. Usually, this is an experienced Dungeons and Dragons player who knows the game well enough to create a campaign.

The dungeon master will help new players with creating characters and learning basic skills and moves that you can use throughout the game. They may nudge you in the right direction when you learn how to start playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Get Some Dice

Your Dungeon Master will probably have several types of dice that you can use, but it is important to get your own dice. For Dungeons and Dragons, you need a specific type of dice called the D20. Most moves and spells go from a scale of one to 20, and these dice have 20 sides.

You can purchase D20 dice in almost any style or color that you wish. For instance, if you want something fun and easy to interpret, check out these huge dice that will be the envy of all other players.

Start Your Campaign

Once you have your dice, then your group can begin your Dungeons and Dragons campaign. First, you will pick out your characters and character traits. Your Dungeon Master can advise you on which aspects are best to add to your characters.

Then your Dungeon Master will begin by setting the scene where your characters are in the game. You will likely have to make easy decisions at the beginning so that you can become familiar with how the Dungeon Master operates.

Learn as You Go

Since there is so much to learn while playing Dungeons and Dragons, you will likely have to remember new skills along the way. You can enjoy gaining more knowledge and adding things to your character as you get better and better at the game.

How to Play Dungeons and Dragons

If you have ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, you should not have to feel intimidated by the complexity of the game. With this guide and many other resources, you can learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, and be on your way in no time.

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