2000 LPH RO Plant- The Best Commercial Plant Price In India

As with any other RO plant, the 2000 LPH RO PLANT can purify 2000 liters of water every hour. The 2000 LPH RO PLANT doesn’t use any form of chemicals and delivers all-purpose water without any interruption. The 2000 LPH RO plant has RO, UV, TDS, and auto flushing technology to deliver crystal clear water. To get the exact 2000 LPH RO Water Purifier Price, contact Doctor Fresh and get additional benefits. In case of any complications, Doctor Fresh gives you all sorts of after-installation assistance.  The 2000 LPH RO plant price may vary from place to place.

RO plant is constructed by considering various factors and needs. RO water purifier has a function that shows quality, water flow, the pressure in the RO membrane, and periodically various data like temperature and hours of operation. And in the 2000 LPH RO plant cost, you can get many things according to your need.  So to ensure that the RO system functions as per the requirement or client’s requirement, the following parameters are required to cross-check.

  1. Inlet Water TDS & Water Hardness
  2. Water Silica and Fluoride content
  3. Inlet Water pressure
  4. Membrane pressure
  5. Inlet Water conductivity
  6. Permeate conductivity
  7. Feed flow
  8. Permeate flow

The Industrial RO Plants are manufactured according to the client’s technical specifications and utilization. 2000 LPH RO Plant can cater to 2000-3000 employees/students every day. The plants’ design follows the standards & requirements of a particular industry or business. The industrial use RO delivers increased output and a long life span than the household RO filters.

Main Features of 2000 LPH RO Plant

  1. Low Energy Consumption – Energy is a very costly resource and has a high impact on the environment; hence the design of the water plants to consume less energy than other RO water plants.
  2. Durable Product – 2000 LPH RO Plant is long-lasting and needs very little care to deliver high-quality standards at every step of production and in the design phase.
  3. Warranty – a full-year warranty to make you and your team not suffer or waste time to figure out how to get it serviced or repaired.
  4. Non–Corrosive – The skid to be provided with a 2000 LPH RO system comprises FRP/stainless steel. So the product is non-corrosive.
  5. Mineral and Alkaline – Being consumers’ health is our topmost priority, RO should provide alkaline water purifiers with mineral technology without adding chemicals. Therefore, the water purifier produces healthy and pure water.

Price Variations

Capacity- 2000-3000 (litre/hour)

Minimum price – Rs 245000/Piece

Maximum Price – Rs 380000/Piece

Whilst comparing the cost, it must be noted that the price difference is huge because of the specifications of the water treatment plant. Various aspects may contain the required water quality, energy need, availability, and transportation. Various elements may affect the price of the RO plant.

The Factors Include

  1. The incorporation of filter housing saves the annual filter change costs.
  2. Filter size: the filter grade saves a lot of costs. Most of the competition in the market typically uses low-grade filters, thereby cutting down the cost.
  3. The standard time to suffice the pitcher: faster the rate, higher the price.

There are many Water purifier manufacturers available in the market who produce industrial and commercial RO Water Plant. This RO plant comprises differing capacities beginning from 50 litres per hour to 500000 litres per hour according to the needs. Many companies provide you with the best but fabricated plants per your specifications. They guarantee you the best design, installation and maintenance.

2000 LPH RO Plant: Best Industrial RO Plant

A 2000 LPH RO plant purifies 2000 litres of water per hour. Because of its capacity to filter an extensive quantity of water within an hour, this RO plant is appropriate for industrial and other pursuits needing a large volume of water.

Many companies have expertise in simulating 2000 LPH RO plants utilizing cutting-edge technology that stays longer than anticipated. Various industrial coverage of RO plants is restricted to treating 500 LPH to 50000 LPH water without using chemicals. 2000 LPH RO plant purified water suitable for drinking and other uses.

The 2000 LPH RO water plant can eliminate various impurities and pollutants which are present in the raw water. This includes TDS and different dissolved impurities, making it pure and safe for various purposes. The filter parts and different internal spare components of the RO water plant are created from food-grade material and approved RO membrane. The 2000 LPH RO plant comes with a warranty of 12 months against any manufacturing faults and faulty components.

The Additional Features of 2000 LPH RO Plant

  • This amazing 2000 LPH RO Plant is a commercial RO plant system that works on the principle of auto-flush technology
  • Thus RO plant is produced from a certified reverse osmosis membrane
  • There is a warranty of 12 months against any manufacturing faults
  • It removes the water scaling and different hardness

There is a huge range of 2000 LPH RO Plant constructed to serve the exact requirements of various uses. The modern and enhanced RO plant design discharges suspended pollutants and other impurities from water and avoids additional waterborne irregularities.

In addition, Doctor Fresh RO plants also destroy harmful components, inducing various unexpected health hazards in humans. Doctor Fresh utilizes advanced RO plants, which bring clean and clear water for various uses. So buy our 2000 LPH RO plant for pristine and crystal clear mineral water.

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