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Biggest Worm In The World | Top 3

Worms are not usually large but a giant worm was found with an incredible length which makes it the biggest worm in the world. Here you will find the biggest worm in the world which might give you goosebumps. Before finding the biggest worm in the world, let the first talk something about a worm.

What is a Worm?

Worms are small animals with a tube-like long body shape. They have no limbs, no eyes, and no ears. They can only sense vibrations in the soil or any other medium which is an incredible ability like snakes. They somehow look like snakes but they are not. Some worms have microscopic size (they can be only seen in a microscope, not from a real eye) some have over 1 meter of length.

Some worms live inside the other animal’s bodies. Free-living species live mostly in freshwaters. The worm can harm a person or an animal. A person or animal is can be affected in the intestine by a worm. These worms are known as parasitic worms.  Now, let’s come to our main topic which is the biggest worm in the world.

Biggest worm in the world:

There are the top 3 biggest worms in the world according to our list. Follow the list in descending order to know which is the biggest worm in the world.

Microchaetus rappi:

biggest worm in the world

Earth Worms are well-known worms. They are not so large. They are mostly found in 360 mm. But the biggest worm in the world is the earth worm.

No doubt, Microchaetus rappi is the biggest worm in the world yet. Microchaetus rappi belongs to South Africa. Microchaetus rappi was discovered in 1967 on a road between King William’s town and Alice. Microchaetus rappi was a giant earthworm with a length of 21 feet (6.7m) and 0.8 in (20mm) in diameter. The weight of the Microchaetus rappi was 1.5kg.  

The average natural length of a Microchaetus rappi is 1.8 meters.

Earth Worm:

Although Microchaetus rappi earthworm is the biggest worm in the world, there was another worm found in Australia with unbelievable length.  

Australia is also known as the house of horrible creatures because of the scariest creatures ever found. The second biggest worm in the world was found in Australia. This earthworm was 6.6 feet long. With 1 in less from the Microchaetus rappi, the Giant Gippsland worm is the second biggest worm in the world.

The worst fact is that the Giant Gippsland worm population is reducing rapidly into this region. Its egg capsule, with a height of 4-7 centimeters, takes one year to grow into an offspring.

The average length of a Giant Gippsland earthworm is considered to be 3.3ft (1 meter) long. They can make themselves larger by expanding and contracting their body. Their head is dark purple with blue-grey body color.

They mostly live in blue, grey, or red clay soils. Giant Gippsland worm mostly lives underground. Giant Gippsland worms can sense above-ground vibrations and can respond to footsteps by creating audible squelching noises that are can be sensed on the surface.

Giant Palouse earthworm:

The Giant Palouse earthworm is the third biggest worm in the world. The Giant Palouse earthworm is a large pale or white-colored earthworm that was discovered in 1897. The Giant Palouse earthworm was found in Washington. The biggest worm of this species ever found was 3.3ft.

According to some experts, the Giant Palouse earthworm has been extinct from the Earth in the 1980s. But some researches proved that they are living yet.

An amazing fact of Giant Palouse earthworm sighting is that within the past 30 years, the Giant Palouse earthworm can only be seen 4 times.

The biggest worm in the world yet is Microchaetus rappi.

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