Early Detection Improves Breast Cancer Odds

About 13 percent of women develop breast cancer, which experts in the United States say will claim more than 43,000 lives in 2021. When breast cancer Newport Beach based doctors do not get the chance to diagnose early manifests itself, it could be much worse. Early detection is the most effective deterrent to developing potentially deadly breast cancer.

Screenings Effectively Diagnose Breast Cancer

No treatment is better than preventive breast cancer screenings done by a licensed medical professional. A breast cancer examination commonly is done using:

  • X-rays.
  • MRI scans.
  • ultrasound.

New tools also are becoming more effective at detecting breast cancer early. Among them is 3-D mammography, which creates a three-dimensional image that doctors can diagnose for cancer. Other effective screening and diagnostic tools are under development and could help to lower the annual breast cancer rates in the United States.

Self-Examinations Improve Survival Rates

Regular breast cancer screenings can help to detect any onset of cancer. So can self-examinations that are done at home is the first line of defense. A self-examination can help to locate any lumps or tumors that might be cancerous. Any qualified medical professional who is experienced in diagnosing and treating breast cancer can show women how to properly perform a self-examination and continue a general decline in breast cancer rates begun two decades ago.

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