Stomach Liposuction Recovery: What You Need To Know

Are you planning to get stomach liposuction? Demand for plastic surgery is up, and liposuction is among the most common procedures. Despite liposuction’s popularity, apprehensions remain in the minds of prospective patients.

Aside from questions about the procedure’s results, people worry about stomach liposuction recovery. How long will liposuction recovery last? What are the key factors to consider during recovery?

Continue reading below for the answers.

Stomach Liposuction Recovery Process

Liposuction by Dr. Jeffrey Lind and other plastic surgeons is an outpatient procedure. It means you may go home on the same day after the treatment.

However, it becomes tricky when removing a significant amount of stomach fat. The plastic surgeon may need more time to observe you. They will advise you to stay in the hospital overnight during the observation period.

You will also feel some soreness and the residual effects of the anesthesia. Have someone drive you home after the procedure since doing it on your own is tough.

The surgeon will instruct you to put elastic bandages or a compression garment over the area. These bandages will help reduce the swelling, especially during the first three days after the procedure.

Expect moderate pain and soreness. However, it is easy to manage through pain medications. Avoid moving too much and lifting heavy items during the first few days.

Between the third and fifth weeks, the pain and soreness will likely fade. Swelling is normal, but you’ll start to see the results of the liposuction for stomach fat.

By the sixth week, the swelling and bruising are almost gone. The doctor will advise you to remove the compression garment and allow you to increase your activity. You will see the full results of the liposuction after this week.

Liposuction Risks

Since liposuction is technically a form of surgery, risks will abound. Bleeding and fluid accumulation under the skin are some of the most common ones. In some cases, patients encounter complications from anesthesia.

Others develop staph and strep inspections. If you don’t get enough fluids during the procedure, you may go into shock. Damage to the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels may also happen.

Without a skilled surgeon, they may end up removing fat unevenly.

Thankfully, you can minimize these risks by choosing a reputable surgeon. Do your due diligence when looking for a surgeon. Instagram is full of unqualified options with no proper credentials.

Tips for Faster Recovery

For faster stomach liposuction recovery, increase your water intake. Take plenty of broth and juices and get enough sleep.

Increase your nutrient intake by taking vitamins and antioxidant supplements. Avoid soaking in the bathtub until your wounds heal. After all, water increases the risk of infection.

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Now you know what to expect during stomach liposuction recovery, you can prepare your mind and body properly. It also ensures faster recovery. However, getting a reputable surgeon will determine its success.

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