Sunset Solutions: What To Bring On A Date To Watch The Sunset?

Did you know that 41% of people under the age of 30 are single in the United States?

Dating can be a lot of pressure for some people, particularly for those that have been single for a while. One way to ease into it would be to come up with a unique and/or romantic activity to do.

One thing that you can plan a date around is to watch the sunset. This is not just reserved for those new to dating either, those in committed relationships can do this too if they want to spice things up a little bit.

So, what dates can you plan to watch the sunset around? These are some of the best ideas.

Sunset Picnic

A picnic can be a romantic date idea revolving around the sunset because it puts you in a unique setting and in a situation with just you and a significant other. Here are some things that you should bring with you if you plan to go the picnic route:

  • basket
  • bottle of wine
  • bottle opener
  • snacks
  • towel/blanket
  • flashlight
  • shoes that can get dirty

You are not limited to these items but these should be some of the first things that you think of when planning a picnic around the sunset. The flashlight is for safety because if you stay long enough in a more remote area, you want to be able to safely see the path back to either your vehicle or public transportation.

As for the shoes, most likely you will be doing this picnic in either a park or in a more nature-oriented area. That means you risk walking in dirt, mud, or sand if you are near the beach. In that situation, it may not be the best idea to bring your newest sneakers for the guys or your nicest high heels for the ladies.

The other items fall under common sense in that you will need the towel/blanket to create a clean area to sit with your date, the basket to carry the rest of your items in, and the wine and snacks as the food and drink that you will have on your date.

This allows you to control all aspects of the date too and most likely save money versus fancier options for dates revolving around sunsets.

Sunset Cruise

If you are willing to shell out a few bucks, a sunset cruise can be a very romantic gesture for a date. You can not only get the sunset along the water, but if you book a sunset dinner cruise, you can also get a meal out of it and get to know your date better.

Depending on what area you are located in, this can be an ideal opportunity to get a better view of the sunset in a more romantic and intimate setting than you would have on regular land. If you are trying to take the next step in your relationship with someone that you are already seeing, this option can show that partner that you are not afraid to pull out all of the stops.

For this type of date, you would likely not need as many items as you would for your own picnic. Here, the recommendation would be to dress in formal attire, have a form of payment and photo identification ready to go once you board the cruise, and if you are in a colder climate to wear an extra layer of clothing if you want to get a better look or more privacy outside on the balcony.

Outdoor Restaurant

Similar to the sunset cruise, here all you would need to bring is a form of payment, formal identification, and clothing that fits the atmosphere that you are going to be dining in.

If this is a beach restaurant on the sand, more casual attire may be recommended. However, if it is a fancier restaurant a further distance away, more formal attire may be recommended.

This option allows you to most likely save a little money versus the dinner cruise while having a meal in a fantastic setting. Some restaurants in beach towns or mountain towns are positioned well for this and couples take advantage of that as an excuse for a good date atmosphere.

You can kill a couple of hours with a meal and a few drinks and if needed, make a reservation in advance to ensure that you can enjoy the sunset with your partner.


Finally, if you and your partner are on the active side, one option that you have for a date is to go on a hike together and watch the sunset at a certain point in a hiking trail.

If you are located in the right area, there can be prime opportunities to do this for the right pair of people. For this type of date, you will want to be prepared with supplies such as hiking boots to make it easier to walk on rough terrain, a small backpack to carry your stuff, a flashlight to make sure you can safely walk back to your starting point, and possibly snacks and water.

Hiking has the extra bonus of rewarding you with stellar views at the end of certain trails if you put in the effort to complete them, so you and your date can bond over accomplishing a common goal.

Watch the Sunset

Planning a date to watch the sunset can be a beautiful thing but people think it is more complicated or expensive than it actually is. The options above should give you your ideal activity no matter your budget or fitness level.

Do you want to find out more good places to watch the sunset? Check out our Lifestyle section for more info.

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