Stock Solutions: What Are The Best Stock Picks?

With more than half of American households having some level of investment in the stock market, the ups and downs of the financial industry are more relevant to our lives than ever. Whether you’re all in on Tesla, bullish on Ford, or just crazy about frozen orange juice futures, there’s a good chance you already dabble in the stock market to some degree.

But how do you know which stock picks to make? What are stock picks for today and what are stock picks for tomorrow? In short, what are the top stock picks for all the investors out there?

Join us as we detail some of the best investments you can make right now!

Nvidia Corporation (NVDA)

Currently embroiled in all the attendant complexities of attempting to acquire ARM, the company responsible for the CPU architecture that powers all our smartphones and an increasing percentage of our laptops, Nvidia has been having a great year on the stock front.

Nvidia’s bigger moves this year have seen its earnings skyrocket, which can only mean good things for its stock price. Nvidia’s confidence with the enormous moves it has been making have buoyed investor confidence to new heights and seen its stock price climb.

Does that make Nvidia a good stock pick? Well, when it comes to how to pick stocks, it can sometimes be the case that investors end up getting in on an investment after it’s already had its biggest period of growth.

But with Nvidia, it’s unlikely this chip giant has run out of tricks up its sleeve. We’d be surprised if 2021 and beyond didn’t see ‘Team Green’ continue to shake up the industry with big moves.

Moderna Inc. (MRNA)

Surprise surprise, one of the saviors of the modern world and a company behind one of the vaccines for COVID-19 has had — all things considered — a pretty good year.

Okay, that’s an understatement. Moderna has gone absolutely crazy off the back of its contributions to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s price performance currently sits pretty at 230% or above, which is a dizzying level of success for any company.

Is Moderna a good pick for investors? Well, the pandemic doesn’t show any sign of ending, and as booster shots and winter pressures set in, it’s only more and more likely that we’ll still be relying on the Modernas of the world to furnish us with jabs as we try to ease the pressure on the world’s healthcare systems.

The Best Stock Picks for 2021

Those are just a couple of the best stock picks you could be making in 2021. The stock market is such a diverse playing field for the world’s financiers that an article that went through every good idea would fill several libraries. Still, these suggestions stand you in good stead to make a good start on your investments (or to make a good conclusion to 2021).

So get out there and put your money where your mouth is!

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