How To Sell Your Home Quickly: 6 Top Tips

The U.S. housing market is worth a whopping $36.2 trillion. And it rose 47% in 2020, despite the ravages of the pandemic.

This means there’s no better time to buy a house – or sell one. Demand is high, consumers are willing to pay, and you can make a significant profit with minimal effort.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, now is the time. Put that ‘for sale’ sign up, get your house ready and rake in that money.

In this article, we break down the top 6 tips for selling your home quickly.

1. Look For an iBuyer to Sell Your Home Quickly

Nope, an iBuyer isn’t related to laptops or computers.

Instead, iBuyers are companies that speed up the selling process for you. They will buy your home straight up with a cash offer.

Thus, the ‘i’ in iBuyer stands for ‘instant.’

Wondering how to sell your home through this process? You’ll need to fill out an online form, upload pictures of your property, and list a posting on the internet. You’ll also be able to stipulate closing dates, which is essential when you’re looking to sell your home fast.

Cash for houses program like iBuyers is excellent when you want to move up timelines and get a quick bang for your buck.

2. Find a Great Listing Agent

Listing agents are an excellent option for selling your home quickly, especially if you prefer a more hands-off approach.

Enlisting an agent means they will do a lot of the work for you. From creating a listing to holding open houses and screening interested buyers, you can rest assured knowing that your home will sell with minimal effort.

There’s a lot that goes into selling a house. This includes staging photos, negotiating, evaluating offers, and writing convincing listing descriptions.

Here’s the caveat. A top-notch listing agent can set you back some significant dollars. You might pay up to 8% of your total home sale price in just commissions, which are split between both agents.

This is something you’ll have to consider – what’s of more priority – money or speed?

3. Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

Pay special attention to the exterior of your home. Considering that potential buyers first see, you need to ensure your facade and yard look appealing.

Curb appeal is said to increase the likelihood of a sale by up to 37%! And it doesn’t need to be time-consuming or effortful either.

Following are some quick ways you can create curb appeal:

By making these simple changes, you’ll increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

4. Declutter Everything

A messy house reduces the chances of making a quick sale. Think about it – a buyer walks in, they see clutter everywhere, and they miss the finer (more compelling) parts of your house.

A hoarder-like home is not going to get you a reasonable price either.

You want to declutter so your space seems larger, brighter, and airier. You can do this by relocating bulky furniture, clearing countertops, and removing piles of things from the floor.

You may also want to update worn-out finishes and materials. If you have the time, a quick renovation or replacement of appliances will also come in handy.

Don’t forget to tidy up inside your closets, too – buyers almost always look at those!

5. Create Demand

This one is an age-old marketing strategy and one that always works! Create a ‘coming soon’ sign for your property as well as your online listing.

This will indicate to buyers that your property will be up for sale soon and create stir and excitement even before the property is listed.

Once you have potential buyers coming in, you can also create a sense of urgency. Create a ‘going fast’ sign or display the number of interested buyers, so clients feel compelled to make an offer quickly.

Hopefully, by the end of this process, you’ll have buyers lined up and ready to complete the closing process with haste.

6. When the Price Is Right

Our last tip is to ensure you pick the right price to sell your house.

It is important to price correctly compared to other houses in the neighborhood or homes with similar features and amenities. Price too high, and you won’t have enough buyers. Price too low, and you’ll be selling your property short.

Thus, you need to be realistic and price your house at the right median where you make a great profit, but the buyer feels reassured with their decision too.

Another benefit of pricing right upfront is that you’ll reduce the time wasted on having no buyers due to an exorbitant price or having to negotiate down from your original listing price.

Since the game aims to sell as quickly as possible, be sure to do your research and get the house listed at the right price.

It’s Never Been a Better Time to Sell a House

It truly is a seller’s market out there.

By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to sell your home quickly and make the most of the hot property market. You might also make unprecedented profits along the way!

Whether you’re an investment property buyer or a homeowner, be sure to cash in on the lucrative real estate situation in the U.S. right now.

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