Challenges Fundraisers Are Facing

Starting a fundraiser (and making sure that it’s successful) is a noble goal. Whether you’re raising money for your own organization or a good cause, you know that seeking the support of your community is a great way to do it.

Many people, however, don’t anticipate the fundraising challenges that come alongside the process. They end up surprised and disappointed when their fundraisers aren’t as successful as they thought they’d be.

If you want to prepare yourself for the potential problems that you can face with your fundraiser, we want to help. Keep reading to learn all about the biggest challenges in fundraising that people are experiencing.

Inconvenience for Supporters

One of the top challenges for fundraisers is making sure that giving money is convenient.

People who have been working with fundraisers for decades may remember a time when cash donations or large-scale in-person fundraisers were the norm. People loved to attend fundraising events and almost everyone had cash on hand that they were willing to give to a worthy cause.

Nowadays, though, things are different. While people still enjoy fundraising events, they presented one of the biggest fundraising challenges during covid. Many people are still not interested in large-scale events, so if that’s the only way they can donate, you won’t get their support.

You also need to consider, both with in-person and remote donations, that cash is no longer the best option. Make sure that you leave room for people to donate with their credit cards or even via apps like Paypal and Venmo.

Convenience will allow more people to donate.

No Trust or Connection

How are you appealing to your potential supporters? Have you made it clear that their donations are going to a good cause? Have you made an effort to connect with them, or are you treating them like human piggybanks?

When you’re trying to drum up support for your year end fundraising, make sure that you remember that you’re trying to get real people to support your cause. You need to be grateful for what they have to offer you.

You also need to prove that you run or support a trustworthy organization. Provide plenty of information so your potential supporters can know that they’re supporting something that they believe in.

Use all types of appeals to make sure that your voice is heard.

Getting Your Message Out There

Do people know about your fundraiser already? If you’re a newer organization, you’re going to have to put time and effort into making sure that your message gets across.

If you’re a local organization, make yourself known at local festivals. Consider passing out information pamphlets at local businesses or posting information at your local community center.

If there are community newsletters, or there’s a popular local newspaper, use these to your advantage.

Too many new fundraisers don’t get any attention because they aren’t marketed well enough.

Avoid and Overcome These Fundraising Challenges

Running a fundraiser is difficult, especially when many people are already experiencing economic distress. Try to avoid these common fundraising challenges so you can get enough support for your organization or cause.

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