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Student success in higher education depends on more than what is happening inside the classroom. Daily stressors like financial worries, parenting struggles, health concerns, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can present major obstacles to academic success.

This is particularly true for nontraditional college students: adult learners juggling work and home demands in addition to classroom work, single parents, immigrants, and those who are the first in their families to pursue a college degree.

University of Phoenix Provides Life Resource Center to Support Student Wellness and Mental Health

The University of Phoenix designed the Life Resource Center as a central portal for students to access all of the University’s many mental health and wellness resources. These include counseling, financial consulting, life coaching, and peer support groups around topics like addiction, parenting, LGBTQ+ identities, and grief. The Life Resource Center is available around-the-clock with support available by phone or online.

Mari Lopez, vice president of Student Support & Specialty Services at the University of Phoenix,said: “Our students expressed interest in mental health resources as well as a need for counseling. Although it is a virtual portal, the Life Resource Center is unique in offering the option of face-to-face counseling as well as virtual sessions.”

University of Phoenix students are eligible for up to three counseling sessions for each unique life issue and can choose from face-to-face, video or telephone sessions. All counseling sessions are strictly confidential. Beyond the first three sessions, additional services can be added for a nominal fee.

Demand for Counseling by College Students Is On the Rise

University of Phoenix’s easily accessible Life Resource Center plays a crucial role in supporting the mental health needs and life challenges of its students. There’s a growing demand for these support services from college students, according to the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors Annual Survey, a trend that has been evident for years and has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Social isolation, traumatic situations at home, financial strains, and work disruption took their toll on students from all walks of life. The pandemic also redefined how counseling and other support services were made available with an increased emphasis on telehealth services as the University of Phoenix provides. Students have grown accustomed to accessing any number of resources online and appreciate the flexibility and ease that virtual services represent.

“We care about our students, and we know our students’ well-being is critical to their personal success,” said Lopez. “The Life Resource Center is meant to be there when students really need it and provide unique support to get students to help at the moment, right when they need it. Especially during the pandemic, we have seen an increase in students who experience challenges outside of their academic work, with mental and emotional well-being. Now we can connect them to care and support immediately.”

Live Webinars and Financial Consulting Offer Additional Support to University of Phoenix Students

Among the Life Resource Center offerings is access to live webinars with industry leaders on topics that directly address life challenges many students may face. Topics include health and wellness, nutritional guidance, understanding legal forms, and tips for budgeting and investing. The Center also seeks to help students develop financial literacy through consulting services that encompass guidance around budgeting, debt management, and tax preparation. This includes 30 days of free phone consultations and reduced costs for certified public accountants.

In total, the Life Resource Center gives University of Phoenix students access to more than 5,000 resources curated to support them in overcoming life challenges in a variety of formats such as webinars, podcasts, articles, and assessments.

Peer Support and Learning Teams at University of Phoenix

Sometimes the best support can come in the form of peers who are experiencing similar struggles. That’s why the Life Resource Center at the University of Phoenix also acts as a portal to a number of Peer Support Groups around topics like alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety and depression, frontline workers, grief, and parenting.

In addition, the University helps guide student academic success through peer-based Learning Teams that are assigned at the beginning of each class. These groups of three or more students can work together on assignments, share ideas, provide support and interact through online forums. As the University notes, “By relying on others and having others rely on you, you’ll grow your collaborative skills.”

About University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is dedicated to providing education to people of all backgrounds and experiences. To this end, the University offers resources both inside and outside the classroom to support academic success. Through its Life Resource Center, the University of Phoenix provides counseling and other support services for students to manage life challenges while balancing the demands of their education to successfully complete their degree programs. The University also offers nontraditional learners flexible schedules, online learning, affordability, and coursework designed to prepare students with career options in high-demand industries. For more information, visit

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