Ways To Plan For Your Next OOTD Everyday

Sometimes it is stressful to pick the right clothes to wear and match your top, bottom, shoes with your accessories. On top of that, you need to get your makeup and hair done. 

However, you have so little time, you would wish for a simple way to plan what you wear. Moreover, mixing and matching outfits becomes complicated when you ask others what color or look will go well together. 

With this in mind, here are some ways to plan out your outfit

The Essentials

First, we need to get the essentials for your outfit; having the following will help you get ideas for your outfit on both regular days and special occasions. Following are some must-haves you need for your fashion arsenal. 

A Little Black Dress

Knee-length, sleeveless, and not showing any cleavage are the three points you need to consider when picking this classic staple. It’s excellent for pulling off a business casual look with a cardigan or a blazer. Add heels and jewelry for a fun night out.


Versatile and rugged, a pair of jeans is not just apparel; it is an investment. New or distressed, your jeans are excellent as casual wear, and you can wear them in any season. Match them with a coat for the winter or just a plain t-shirt in the summer. It is excellent for casual matchups with your sneakers or boots.

Basic Cardigans

Cardigans give off a cozy vibe, but not as heavy. Casual or formal, you can wear this over your dress shirt or match it with your little black dress. Stay stylish anytime with a warm hug, from the office to the ball game with friends!

A Black Blazer

While cardigans can pull off formal attire, it’s advised you prepare a black blazer for important functions. Elegant and not prone to stain, this staple is great for business meetings or job interviews. Pair it with your dress trousers, so that you can power dress your way to success.

A Jacket

Leather or denim, a jacket can hang in for weeks without any need to wash. It can also protect you against dirt and give you insulation in cold weather. A jacket is essential for its form and function.

White Dress Shirt

A formal staple top and a perfect casual top, dress shirts have the versatility and comfort you need. It makes an excellent combination with your jacket or blazer, skirt, dress pants, or even a pair of jeans. Flexible and cozy, dress shirts are straightforward to match for any occasion.

Dress Pants

It is a classic pair that can also pull off as formal wear if you match it with your blazer and blouse, or casual with just your dress shirt. Have it altered to fit you nicely, and you will have a pair that you can wear from corporate meetings to parties.

All-White Sneakers

Another classic staple that you need, white sneakers are very versatile and can be paired with any top or bottom in your arsenal. Its timeless design and comfort make it the go-to footwear for any casual occasion. 

Dress by Destination

Now that you have the essentials, along with blouses, skirts, trousers, dresses, and shoes to match, be mindful of where you are going. 

The outfit you wear for the church may not be the same thing as on your night out with other girls. Similarly, your gym outfit is certainly not appropriate for a meeting with your boss. 

Dress based on the destination so you can be prepared for anything and won’t stand out awkwardly. Prepare your swimwear if you go to the beach or a pool party. 

Always bring a cardigan or blazer for business meetings or a job interview. Power dressing is not only to impress the interviewee or your boss – it can prepare you for the cold temperature.

Dress in Season

Another factor is the weather or season. Autumn and winter call for something thick and warm for the cold breeze. On the other hand, in summer and spring, you need to wear something light and be careful with your layering to stay cool in the warm weather. 

Remember, dark colors will be warmer than light colors, and you can match your outfit and be playful with hues appropriate to the season.

Dress for the Occasion

There is an appropriate look for every occasion or event, just like the seasons. You need to know the dress code to not dress like a party crasher – especially on important occasions such as a wedding or debut. 

Go for rentals or buy haute couture for yourself if that is necessary to stay in line with the code. Remember to dress up on these occasions because it will be disrespectful otherwise.

Plan Ahead for Your OOTD

Now you should have some ideas of how to plan outfits appropriately based on season, occasion, and destination. Never take away the fun of dressing up for an event or a night out. Remember, you can still be stylish even when going to the grocery.

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