A Beginner’s Guide On How To Raise Chickens For Eggs

Did you know that the U.S is the world’s largest producer of poultry meat and eggs? As you can expect, poultry meat is the second highest consumed meat in the U.S, behind red meat. But, when it comes down to raising chickens for eggs vs meat, hands down, the easiest and more profitable one is raising them for eggs.

Are you planning on raising chickens for eggs but don’t know how? If so, in today’s post, we’re going to tell you how to raise chickens for eggs without breaking a sweat.

Choose the Right Type of Chicken

As you may already know, not all chickens are good for raising eggs since some will yield a lot less than others. The two most common chickens to use are White Leghorns and Australorps. The White Leghorn will output around 200 medium-sized, and the Australorps will net you over 300 small-sized eggs per year.

Know What to Feed Chickens

If you want to have healthy chickens, you’ll need to have the right type of food. The best type of chicken feed is the one that has plenty of calcium, calories, and protein in the mix. So, be sure to buy feeders from a reputable and well-known source so you can feel assured your chickens will be getting all the nutrients they need.

Even though a chicken feeder will be the main source of their nutrients, you’ll also want to give them mealworms and watermelon. Additionally, you should add a splash of cider vinegar into the water so it can get rid of any bacteria.

Prepare The Chicken Coop

It’s essential to have a chicken coop since it’ll provide shelter from the sun, wind, cold air, and at times predators. Fortunately, a chicken coop doesn’t require running water or electricity, so it will be easy to upkeep it. However, whether you build it yourself or have someone build it for you, you’ll need to make sure it’s water-resistant and sturdy against the wind.

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the chicken coop. Inadequate space will lead to aggressive behavior within the chicken coop, and nothing is more stressful than breaking up a chicken fight in a chicken coop. One of the best tips for raising chickens you can follow is getting a chicken coop that’ll fit twice the amount of chickens you currently have.

Once you figure out the size of the coop, you’ll want to have at least one nesting box for every two hens. And finally, you’ll need to have a wide-enough roost where all of them can rest at night.

How to Raise Chickens for Eggs – The Easy Way

Hopefully, you now know how to raise chickens for eggs. Of course, there are things you’ll need to learn while on the job, but with these tips, you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way. So, don’t wait any longer and go fulfill your dream of having chickens!

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