What Are The Different Types Of Storage Units That Exist Today?

Did you know that the first storage chains opened in the 1960s as a way to provide extra space for homes that lacked a basement?

Now, 1 in 10 American households utilizes a self-storage unit, amounting to roughly 13.5 million homes.

Over the past several decades, storage options have evolved. Storage can be a great way to free up space or keep your belongings safe, whether moving across the country or renovating the living room.

Keep reading to learn the difference between the types of storage units available discover which may be the best fit for you.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is an affordable method of self-storage. With an outdoor unit, you can store a wide variety of items such as RVs, ATVs, boats, cars, and trailers.

Outdoor facilities typically have storage plots with covered and partitioned units. Though outdoor storage can be a versatile storage option, it doesn’t protect your stored goods against the elements.

Indoor Storage

Indoor storage is another popular method of self-storage. These local storage units are secured in buildings, and you typically need a passcode to enter. You must also bring or purchase a lock for your unit’s door.

Indoor storage units come in a wide variety of dimensions. These can be as small as a locker or rooms large enough to fit an entire house’s belongings.

Some people prefer indoor storage facilities when seeking temperature control for items delicate items that could deteriorate under extreme temperatures.

Other added benefits of indoor storage include 24-hour access and tools such as dollies or ladders for customer use.

Drive-Up Storage

Drive-up storage is a cross between indoor and outdoor storage. The storage buildings are typically situated in rows, with access to the units in between. These are the best storage units for easy access and storing general goods.

Many drive-up storage facilities have a code-secured gate, and you’ll need to enter your PIN to gain access. Once inside, you’re able to drive your truck or car straight to the door of your unit.

These units range in size and are most commonly available in dimensions of 10×10 or 10×15 feet. The garage-style doors on these units are similar to those of indoor units.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for storage.

Mobile containers offer the convenience of having your storage unit arrive at your desired location. This method can save time and money you might otherwise spend loading and hauling your belongings to a storage unit.

Portable containers are the desired method of storage for those moving, both short and long distances. These mobile units allow you to pack at your own pace and save the driving for someone else.

When you are packed and ready, the container will be picked up, hauled by local movers, and dropped off at your desired destination.

This option is convenient for anyone seeking temporary storage space while doing repairs or renovations to their home.

Finding the Right Types of Storage Units

Whatever your storage needs are, there are various types of storage units available to fit your needs. Always be sure to use the best moving company to handle your stored items.

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