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Fix Macbook Pro: 3 Common Macbook Issues And How To Fix Them

Do you have an issue with your MacBook?

All the laptops suffer from the same problem of being over-worked. While doing some work on your laptop, it suddenly says that you are out of warranty and hence you have to fix it yourself.

There also might be some virus present in your system or any other hardware issue which can make your Macbook unusable.

But do not worry many people have faced similar problems on their MacBooks too and they have fixed them successfully by themselves even though they were first-timers at handling such serious issues.

Here we will discuss certain common issues which every user faces and how to fix MacBook pro problems:

1. Overheating Issue

First, try restarting your computer. If it still gets overheated (iTunes not opening, the mouse cursor is moving too slow, etc.), then you have to remove the keyboard of your laptop.

Now use a compressed air duster on the fan. Wherever dust exists, it will come out naturally at that point. If you are not able to clean properly with compressed air, try using a thin brush around the area where the fan is present to clean it up properly.

2. Noisy Fan

This mainly happens when your MacBook is overheated or there might be some problem with how heat disperses from your device. So in this case also, first try restarting it for some time and see if the problem persists after turning off the system for some time.

If yes, open your Macbook carefully by removing the screws and then removing the fan. While removing it, pay attention to its positioning that you will know how to fix it back when you go to repair shops. You can even try out this tip.

3. Battery Issues

This is one of the most common and regular issues with any laptop. Now in this case there are mainly two types of problems: either your battery is not charging or your battery does not work when it has been fully charged.

To solve this problem, try following these steps: –

First, check if all the parts which connect the charger plug such as the cord and connector are plugged properly into the power supply and laptop port respectively.

If yes, then try using a different charger with your Macbook to see if that works for you.

If your charger is working fine, then try using software called coconutBattery. It will check what percentage of battery is left, condition, etc.

Remove the battery from your system and clean it properly by vacuuming it to remove dirt or dust particles that cause problems in proper functioning.

Sometimes an improper power supply can also cause this problem so make sure that there are no loose wires present anywhere near your Macbook.

How to Fix Macbook Pro

So these were the most common issues that every MacBook owner faces. If you have still not been able to fix MacBook pro problems after reading this article, don’t worry.

Just go online and Google your respective issue because there are many websites available where people have shared their experience on how they have fixed their MacBooks.

You can also search on YouTube for some useful videos on how to fix your particular MacBook repair issue.

You can also visit our blog for more MacBook fixes and advice on how to speed up your MacBook pro and how to organize MacBook laptops.

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