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It’s possible to carry out an attack called “watering hole” by inserting malicious code into a site that the victim has already visited. It’s not a new technique, and it’s often used by cybercriminals and hackers alike. The attackers target websites that are often frequented by persons of interest in the assaults by compromising them.

A backdoor Trojan is installed on the victim’s PC as soon as he or she accesses the infected website. Watering hole attacks are popular in cyber-espionage and state-sponsored cyberattacks.

Many people believe that this sort of assault is linked to government-sponsored operations. It takes a lot of time and effort to choose the website to attack, investigate the behaviours of the victims, and implement an effective exploit code in the pre-attack phase.

With zero-day vulnerabilities that alter the victim’s software, watering hole assaults become more effective. In this instance, there is no method for the victims to stop the spread of the infection. If you are bounded by any الاصطياد الإلكتروني, please reach out to us for help.

Attack on whales.

Using advanced social engineering tactics, whalers utilise phishing assaults to obtain private information, personal data, access credentials to restricted services/resources, and information of economic and commercial significance.

This kind of phishing is distinct from others since it targets high-ranking leaders from both corporate and public sector organisations. Using the term “whaling” indicates that the target is a large one. We can also help you out, if you are ابتزاز الكتروني المغرب, just contact us.

Spearphishing-style assaults are used by whalers.

Fake business emails are made to seem like they were received from an official source, such as an executive or board member of an important company. Sending a false corporate crisis or highly classified material through email is a common tactic used by cybercriminals.


When someone pretends to be someone else in order to get confidential information, they are referred to as pretexters. Attackers often employ a phoney identity to influence the information they get. This unique social engineering approach is used by attackers who assume many identities. Security professionals and law enforcement may be able to get access to their activities because of this poor practise. In order for a pretexting assault to be successful, the attacker must be able to gain the confidence of the target. The most complex kinds of pretexting attacks attempt to persuade victims to do an activity that allows an attacker to find and exploit a vulnerability in a system. An attacker may pose as an IT service provider to get access to internal systems by posing as an employee of the company.

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