The Brief Guide That Makes Donating to the Best Charity Simple

If there was a perfect time to dip into your wallet and give to charity, 2021 is it. Around 40% of small charities suffered financially during the pandemic, and many are still struggling to get back on their feet.

But before you contribute a large donation to a good cause, you’ll want to know that your money will make a genuine impact. That means doing a little research into your charity shortlist before making a final decision.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the steps to take when choosing the best charity to support.

What Is Your Passion?

With millions of worthy causes in need of your money, it’s a challenge knowing what to choose. You can make that task easier by finding a cause that is close to your heart. Here are some questions to help:

  • What news stories frequently attract your attention?
  • What problems keep you awake at night?
  • Do you have any relatives who will benefit from a charity?

Those questions will help draw you closer to understanding your passion and help you choose a charity for which you are passionate.

By doing that, not only will you enjoy donating, but you’ll also be more likely to help that charity by contributing in other ways (such as fundraising events).

Shortlist Qualities You Expect From a Charity

Not all charities operate in the same fashion. You’ll need to examine how charity directors manage the charity and whether that aligns with your core values before supporting a cause.

You’ll probably want to know that the charity spends your money wisely. So perhaps focus on finding a financially transparent charity.

Maybe the charity must operate a carbon-neutral practice. It might be important to you that a charity protects the Earth’s natural resources, even if their core purpose isn’t environmental.

You can also check out a charity’s background using independent organizations. These organizations inspect charities to ensure they operate to specific standards.

You’ll need to research a little about your shortlist of charities to answer these questions. Start with the information on their website. In addition, take your time to read any news stories related to the organization or charitable sector.

What Impact Will You Have?

Finally, you want to measure the impact your contribution will have on that charity.

If your charity donations are solely financial, find out what information the charity provides to their donors to show how they used the money and its impact.

If you are donating time or expertise, think about what difference you can personally make.

Organizing a fundraising event for small local charities is likely to make a big difference, especially if they are currently struggling financially. These are all worthwhile questions to consider when making your final choice.

Support the Best Charity for You

The best charity will be different for each individual. So it makes sense to do your research and put your money and time into a cause where you’ll see a genuine change, especially in an area that’s important to you.

Don’t forget that you can help any charity simply by educating friends and family about that cause. So before you go, check out our education section for some inspiration.

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