Best Self-Defense Products Keep You Safe

A study revealed that 38% of women and 11% of men stated that they feel unsafe when walking alone.

The experience of walking on roads at any time of the day in total safety is a right that every American has. Sadly, this privilege is never realized as assault cases are the most reported crime in the USA.

Fortunately, there are several self-defense products designed to protect you from assailants. Here are some that will help, when faced with a situation that requires swift action.

1. Tactical Pen Knives

Tactical pen knives are easy to carry, enabling you to take them almost anywhere. If you wish to purchase these self-defense products, ensure you select high-quality ones.

Choose tactical knives with a blade length of at least three inches. However, ensure you don’t choose a blade longer than the legal length accepted for concealed carry.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are affordable, easy-to-use women’s self-defense products that help slow down assailants if used correctly. Many of these products feature mechanisms that prevent them from accidentally discharging.

3. Stun Guns

These personal self-defense products feature a small design allowing swift strikes when confronted. As a result, they are popular among joggers, hikers, and more.

However, these are highly combustible when used with other self-defense weapons such as pepper spray. Also, the laws concerning the use of stun guns vary from state to state; hence ensure you are acquainted before choosing to carry them.

4. Sound Self-Defense Keychains

Sometimes the most reliable way to be free of a threat is to let others know you require help. A self-defense keychain is one of the most effective devices for this purpose.

It is small, light, and generates a loud noise that can frighten an attacker while warning others that you need assistance. Often, this will make the attacker flee before harming you.

5. Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights help blind assailants when you find yourself in danger. These home self-defense products blur the vision of attackers, especially in the dark. This gives you a few minutes to run as the assaulter’s eyes have to re-adjust to the darkness so they can see you.

Moreover, tactical flashlights can double as batons thanks to their heavy weight which allows them to get used as a self-defense weapon. If you are athletic enough, you can combine this with TBOTECH sap gloves for extra self defense.

Get the Best Self-Defense Products Today

The aim of self-defense products is not to win a battle. It’s simply to incapacitate an assailant long enough for you to flee to safety. With the exact products and some self-defense tips, you can be safe while walking in almost any environment.

Protect yourself and maintain your peace of mind with the best self-defense products.

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