Increase Loyalty: How To Design Perfect Packaging For Your Customers

With eCommerce becoming a mainstay, many people are now purchasing from the comfort of their home, office, or on the move and have items brought to their doorstep.

To please their customers, businesses invest a considerable amount of their time and money. However, this effort could go down the drain if the customers receive uninteresting or unexciting packaging.

Every business wants the customers’ first impression of them to be satisfactory and exciting. The packaging is the face of your product since it’s the first thing the customer comes into contact with before unwrapping the item they purchased. A well-designed packaging could either make the customer feel special or just the usual transaction that no one thinks twice about.

This article is meant to give you tips for great packaging, to make your customers feel special, helping to reinforce a bond that keeps them coming back.

1. Use a personalized packaging box

The first step toward great packaging is having the right box! Brown cardboard boxes are things consumers find every other day in their mailbox, and using them to package your items does not make the customer’s experience exceptional. However, printing your logo, making it colorful, and adding some beautiful fonts will make it stand out in your customers’ mail.

Consider adding a personalized message on the packaging box. This friendly and welcoming introduction captures the attention of customers, encouraging them not only to return for additional purchases but also to share their product experience online.

If you are a small business owner that wants to gain a competitive advantage over larger companies, adding custom touches such as name, logo, or personalized messages can be the key to your success. It also presents you with a great opportunity to offer your customers special gifts and grow your brand further.

2. Don’t use plain tissue paper or tape

No company wants their products to be damaged by the time they get to the consumers. Therefore, it is important to take precautions and secure your product when it is in transit or during handling.

Sealing the package and wrapping the item in tissue paper ensures they get to your customer’s doorstep safely. The tape secures the package while the custom printed tissue ensures the item doesn’t move around during shipping. Both also double-body as great unboxing tools.

But did you know that both can help you improve the visual appeal of your packaging? Staying true to your custom brand colors, printing your logo and beautiful patterns draw your customers’ add an huge appeal to your product.

3. Use smaller packaging for smaller items

Although it is said “never judge a book by its cover”, it is easier said than done. Customers are biologically programmed to judge a product based on the packaging. They are naturally drawn to creative, artistic designs that make the package stand out.

Ecommerce provides a global platform for businesses of all sizes to grow, but the downside is that it can be more difficult for them to showcase products as well as they would in a physical store. This is especially true for smaller items, where every little detail counts.

This is where personalized mailers come in. Customized mailers are best suited for smaller and thinner products, as they provide a lightweight yet durable packaging solution that can deliver eye-catching visuals with the right systematic approach. This type of packaging looks simple yet creatively designed.

Create the Ideal Product Packaging

If you want to liven up your packaging and keep your customers coming back for more, consider personalizing your packaging. For the ideal custom packaging that will impress your customers while remaining within your budget by creative patterns and high-quality materials, contact a professional print packaging company.

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