Benefits Of Topical CBD Application to Glaucoma Patients

From the day CBD was known to the researchers they are looking forward to evaluating its medicinal properties. This medicinal plant has been used for a long time and can decrease symptoms of illnesses without the risk of side effects. CBD is for sure a versatile compound that can work for almost any kind of issue that your body faces along with promoting better health. Although being used recreationally there are certain evaluated health benefits of CBD that you can harvest. One of the persistent conditions among people across the globe is glaucoma, and using CBD topicals can help you with it. Wanna know? This text will help you out.

What do you mean by Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the prevalent eye conditions that is faced by the majority of individuals. People who have this condition are known to have damaged optic nerves that can have adverse impacts on vision. This issue is generally found in people who have crossed the age of 60 years. And glaucoma is the reason why people of this age group get blindness. Among all types of glaucoma, primary open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma are hazardous. In both of them, you won’t find any symptoms until you get totally blind.

There are plenty of risk factors that can lead to glaucoma and among all the strongest donors to glaucoma is genetics. If any person in your family had glaucoma you will be at alarming risk of having it. Also, people those who belong to Black, Hispanic, and Asian heritage are the next one that is at risk. And if you are having diabetes, high blood pressure, and sickle cell anaemia you might develop glaucoma.

How do CBD topicals benefit people with glaucoma?


You might be amazed to know that there is no straightforward treatment for this most prevalent condition glaucoma. Scientists and researchers too are shocked with lack of treatment and hence they are always in search of one. Enough studies were conducted in recent years on avoiding and treating this condition without performing any surgery. Amazingly one of those studies found out that applying the best CBD hemp cream can help relieve symptoms of glaucoma. A major study was conducted in 1971 that found out using CBD can relieve 30% of intraocular pressure. This was certainly a helpful result but it wasn’t enough to directly use CBD.

But after the discovery of ECS that is an endocannabinoid system in 1992 the entire perspective changed. This system is responsible for detecting inflammation. The human eye consists of ocular tissues that have  CB1 receptors responsible for looking after eye pressure. A study was conducted in 2016 on monkeys proved that you can restore normal vision and protect your retina if you manipulate ECS. Hence at last it was justified that you can safely use CBD topical for getting rid of glaucoma without facing any adverse effects. And CBD is an intoxicating compound, unlike THC that makes you feel high.

Is CBD an effective treatment for glaucoma?

It has been already proven that yes, CBD topicals can help you with glaucoma but is it effective enough? Yes, of course. Innumerable studies have stated that when CBD is extracted from the Marijuana plant it has the best medicinal properties. This CBD when consumed acts as vaso-relaxant that promotes the ocular blood flow. And this compound also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you overcome all the side effects of glaucoma. CBD is surprisingly also used as an analgesic and anti-nausea drug that can help you deal with vomiting, pain and feeling of nausea. Hence CBD topicals can help you overcome glaucoma from all perspectives.


Usage of CBD for glaucoma is supported by plenty of studies. All of them have shown strong evidence and hence you now thankfully have a way to overcome glaucoma. But before using it you must consult a physician to be safe.

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