4 Items To Recycle

Going green and leading a more sustainable lifestyle are increasingly common topics, and recycling is one way to achieve these goals. Recycling is easy and cheap; in fact, recycling might even save you money if you live in a state that provides refunds on recycled bottles and cans, or if you recycle something in place of purchasing a new product. Here are four items that can easily be recycled. 

1. Glass

Glass products like light bulbs, windows, and mirrors can be recycled when brought to the proper facility. The recycling process for glass does not compromise the purity or quality of the glass. Even easier, glass such as pasta sauce jars and other food containers can be easily washed at home and used for another purpose. This process is sometimes referred to as upcycling, or the creative reuse of a common household item. For example, glass jars can be repurposed as flower vases, candlelight holders, and other artful objects. 

2. Metal

Scrap metal is another extremely popular item to bring to your local recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL facility. Common scrap metals to recycle include steel, aluminum, silver, copper, and brass. Producing new metals is very resource-intensive, so recycling these materials is extremely beneficial for environmental health. 

3. Paper

Paper is recycled by a process that involves shredding, heating, and spinning the material in a cylinder for cleaning. This pulp is then sent to dry and be made into new paper products. Paper products become a slightly lower grade of paper each time they are recycled, with printer paper being an example of a high grade and newspaper being a low grade. Most paper can be recycled between five and seven times before it becomes too low of a grade to be made into a new product. 

If your business handles confidential documents, you might be glad to hear that shredded paper can be recycled just the same as other types of paper. Some recycling mills even have equipment that take the paper clips and staples off the paper prior to being recycled. 

4. Plastic

Plastic is a material that should definitely be recycled when possible, due to its nature of not being able to break down in a landfill for a very long time. There are codes on plastic products, ranging from one to seven, that make it easier to sort the plastics destined for a recycling plant. 

Consider recycling or reusing these four materials. 

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