An Easy Way To Curl Human Hair

Micro braids, often known as invisible braids, are extremely fine and delicate braiding. The extension hair is braided a few inches down after it has been applied, leaving the remainder of the hair hanging loose. Instead of separate braids, a full head of micros can look ahead of flowing hair. They can be made out of human hair or synthetic hair and braided into the client’s natural hair (depending on how closely the client’s hair matches the extension hair).

Braids can endure for a few months if properly cared for, and they are popular among African American women because they are a low-maintenance style.

 Braids were my go-to protective style when I first started growing my hair out. Not only because my hair was short at the time, so micros looked amazing on me, but also because I didn’t have to do much to keep them looking nice. I was largely using fake hair at the time.

However, as time passed and I became more interested in caring for my hair, I decided to try my hand at human hair micros. I liked the variety of styles you could achieve with only one set of braids. I’d style them straight one week, kinky curly the next, and wavy the following week. It was a fantastic technique to keep my hair safe as it grew. Years later, my hair is too long to wear in micros with loose hair at the ends, but I still remember my micros fondly!

Human hair micros, unlike synthetic hair, which must be curled with hot water, can be treated like your own hair. Here’s how to curl micro braids made of human hair.

  • To begin, use this approach using freshly washed and deep conditioned micros. The micros are braided in huge parts, resulting in around 6-7 braids, and then washed in this manner. When the micros are moist, this stops them from slipping. Keep the braids in place until the hair is mostly dry.
  • Get the tools you’ll need based on the type of curls you want. You’ll need perm rods to set the braids in if you want kinky curly bundles. Rollers create voluminous curls, while Flexi rods create spiral curls. However, with this procedure, I show you how to braid the micros to get curls.

Spray the damp micros lightly with a leave-in conditioner and seal with a few drops of your favorite oil after removing them from their braids. This will keep your braids (and your hair) from drying out too much.

  • Begin braiding a segment of micros from the back and continue until you reach the ends. To keep the braid from unraveling, you may need to bind the ends using elastic bands.
  • Continue with the remaining micros until you have 6-8 huge braids around your head. Spray heat protectant over the braids if you plan to dry your hair with a dryer.
  • Place the braids under a dryer for about an hour or until they are completely dry. You can even let the braids air dry overnight if you like.

Untangle the braids to unleash the curly weave, and there you have it! Until your next wash, your curly will last roughly a week.

Note: To get curls with rollers, Flexi, or perm rods, follow the same steps.

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