5 Tips For Better Leaf Collection This Autumn

Vermont’s fall season is the longest in the U.S, starting in early September and ending in late October.

But regardless of where you are, homeowners are familiar with seeing leaves blanket their lawn and ruin their landscaping. Perhaps you’re not prepared for leaf collection this year, and you’re looking for inspiration.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips for leaf collection.

1. Rake Before It Rains

Aside from collecting invaluable leaf collecting tools, always remember to rake before it rains. This is because removing damp leaves that are clumped together is nearly impossible. Plus, they are far heavier.

So if you’re expecting rain, grab a rake and clear your leaves, as it’s easier to clean up.

2. Plan Your Waste Collection

Every homeowner needs a leaf collection system to keep things ticking over. Before fall, check your town or city’s guidelines for removal, so you know how frequently to prepare your pile. This is also important because your community may demand special leaf collection bags.

But regardless of how frequently your town collects leaves, get into the habit of removing piles every week. Otherwise, the leaves will block the sun, which stops your grass from getting enough nutrients.

3. Use a Blower

Tired of using a leaf collecting lawn sweeper? Then, treat yourself to a unique backpack leaf blower to streamline the task.

You’ll be surprised how quickly the machine sucks up leaves, especially in hard-to-reach areas like around shrubs or in flower beds. A major bonus is you needn’t worry about throwing leaves into a disposable bag, because the blower automatically minces them instead.

You must understand the safety rules when using a blower. For instance, wear leather gloves, don hearing protection, and goggles because there may be dust.

4. Mulch the Leaves

Homeowners who don’t have a leaf blower, but have a lawnmower should consider mulching the leaves. Once you’ve mulched them, spread the leaf waste evenly over your lawn. Although you’ll see a layer of mulch, it does wonders for the grass as it’s packed with nutrients.

5. Use Tarps

Anyone who rakes leaves knows how fast the piles add up. But a genius way to deal with this is by investing in several tarps for the job This means you needn’t bend over to dispose of the leaves or take multiple trips to the front of your property.

To avoid this unnecessary stress, simply shift the pile of leaves into the center of the tarp and bring the four corners together. Sorted!

Have a Better Leaf Collection Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re ready to start your leaf collection process.

Homeowners should invest in a leaf blower, clear out the piles weekly, and know when their town’s pick-up is. You should also consider mulching the leaves and use tarps to streamline the cleaning process. Good luck this fall!

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