11 Roles Your Business Needs To Hire In

Starting a business is tricky, and it’s common for most entrepreneurs to try to do all of the different roles themselves. This is a mistake. Hiring people to take care of the skill-sets that you don’t have can help your business grow and flourish.

Avoiding The Do It All Trap

While being a jack of all trades may have been good for some people back in the old days, it’s not ideal anymore. If you’re trying to grow your business, you need to ensure that it has one leader at the top and not someone trying to so everything. Hiring employees with specific skill-sets can help ensure that all the tasks within a business are covered.

Here are just a few roles which you can hire:

1. A Professional Administrator

A professional administrator is a vital role in any business. These individuals can help you ensure that all of your legal compliance is taken care of. They can even help you run your company in an organized manner.

To become a professional administrator, candidates should have done higher education learning, and in some cases, they may have even taken a doctorate level qualification such as a doctor of business administration program.

2. A Professional Marketing Manager

Having a professional marketing manager as part of your staff is vital for ensuring that you market your business properly, without having to worry about the specifics. Their expertise will allow you to grow in areas where you may not have had skill-sets already.

Marketing managers are individuals who have studied the science of marketing carefully, and they often have a post-graduate level qualification or a long career history with relevant experience in the field.

3. A Project Manager

No matter how much time you have, you can’t do everything. A project manager is an individual who handles projects for the company. It’s vital that all businesses must run with a project manager to make sure that they are doing all of the necessary tasks properly.

To become a project manager, many people will go on to study for a master’s degree in this field with a focus on both business and management.

4. A Sales Manager

Being a sales manager isn’t the easiest role in the world, but when you need to make sure that your business is getting people to buy what they need at a fair price, there’s no one better than a sales manager.

Prospecting and managing sales are perhaps one of the hardest and most challenging tasks that anyone can face. There are no standards in this field, and even experts disagree on goals and goals based on their own studies.

5. An Accountant

A lot of businesses don’t need accountants. However, the truth is that even if your business is a small one without a revenue stream, you still need a great accountant who can help you make sure that all of the business’s financials are in order.

You don’t need to be an expert in finance, but you do need to understand how your business is working and how it needs to operate in order for it to be successful. For most small businesses, this is all that they will ever need, but larger businesses can also use accountants who are capable of handling year-end tax filings, financial projections, and other records that the business produces on a daily basis.

6. An Attorney

Every industry is touched in some way by the law. Whether you’re in the medical field, the entertainment business, or even the healthcare industry, you will likely need to hire an attorney or law firm to help with some legal matters.

An attorney is an individual who has studied the law system on a high level, and they often have a law degree themself. They are tasked with representing you in front of judges and other authorities when they are called upon. It’s essential that any business owner hires an attorney if they are going to be subject to the laws of their country.

7. Content Manager

This person will make sure that your business keeps up with creating content for all of the different social media platforms and websites you’re working on.

To become a content manager, candidates will need to have experience in the field, but they don’t need to have an advanced degree or even a higher-level education. Having experience in marketing is quite common for this role.

8. A Professional Writer

Having a professional writer as a member of staff can ensure that your business is communicating with clients effectively.

To become a professional writer, people will primarily study journalism or communications at university. However, they should also have experience in what they’re doing.

9. A Professional Photographer

Having a professional photographer can help your business communicate with your customers in a unique and creative way. They might even take some great photos for you.

To become a professional photographer, candidates will need to have experience working in the field and be comfortable learning new skills on an ongoing basis.

10. A Professional Videographer

Having a professional videographer on staff can help your business communicate with your customers in an interesting and compelling way.

This role is one that most businesses will usually hire a contractor or freelancer for.

11. A Compliance Officer

This individual is the one who ensures that all of your staff members are abiding by your policies, and they will help you manage any legal issues that you’re facing.

To become a compliance officer, most companies will have their employees undergo training on how they can become certified by an agency that specializes in this field.

Take The Right People Onboard

As you can see, there are a lot of roles that are needed for your business to grow. If you think you are a person who’s the greatest at everything, then you’re going to have a hard time delegating, but if you don’t delegate, you risk losing money by trying to spread yourself too thinly.

This is why taking the right people on board is critical for the survival of your business.

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