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How to Create an Effective Packing List Before Your Next Move

When you are about to move, you need to have a list of how you’ll do things. It’s not all about having the list; you also need to be sure to follow it. When you have a list and follow it, it becomes much easier with the moving process. But how to create that effective list can be a challenge if you don’t know where you need to start from. Below is how you can make an effective packing list before your next move.

Keep Clothes on Hangers

One of the fast things you want to have on your packing list is clothes in boxes. And the clothes should remain in hangers while in the boxes. To do this effectively, you need to have a wardrobe box. Then, you won’t have to move the clothes much further, and they also won’t be creased while you move them. It will also help with fast unpacking when you finally move into the new house.

Leave Clothes in Drawers

You can still leave the clothes in drawers and have them wrapped in cling wrap for the clothes in drawers. The ideal thing you want to do on your packing list is to ensure that you easily move and unpack quickly. When the clothes remain in the drawers, you won’t have to move a muscle to unpack them. All you need to do is remove the cling wrap at the top of the drawer. Everything will be in the same place from when you move to when you get to your destination.

Essentials to Go in Plastic Boxes

Your essentials should go into plastic boxes when you are moving, just ask the professionals at Movers 101 in NYC. This will enable you to move quite quickly, knowing where your requirements are at. This can be your wallets or your medication – you don’t want to struggle to find these when you arrive at your destination.

Pack an Overnight Bag

On your list, you also need to have an overnight bag packed. The first day will be a bit tricky to get things in order, you need to ensure that you can move around on the first day, and that’s why you need an overnight bag.

For example, if you’re waking up to work the next day, you need to have a bag with your clothes, toothbrush, and such essentials separate. You can keep this bag on your side as you travel. It will make it easy for you to get on with the next day when you have an overnight bag.

Keep all Screws Labeled

You now need to keep the screws from all your furniture and electronic labels. You can mark them in plastic bags to quickly locate them. You don’t want to mix up the various screws under any circumstance – this will give you a hard time while you reassemble the pieces.

Create An Effective Packing List

When you want to create an effective packing list, there are many things you need to consider. The first is if the index makes work easy for you during the move and after. These are some of the things you may want to have on your list for adequate packing.

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