Is there a bingo caller at online casinos?

One aspect of bingo that is not mentioned enough is the bingo caller, they set the tone for the game and help keep things moving along. Bingo callers are a prominent part of bingo halls. As online casinos such as don’t take place in a physical location, many wonder if there is a need for a bingo caller at all.

Role of a Bingo Caller 

Though not often mentioned, the role of a bingo caller is incredibly important to the game. They keep things ticking along and provide entertaining and witty comments to keep players attention. The role of a bingo caller has actually been around for quite a while, being the main instigator in the earliest bingo lingo. It is thought that bingo callers in London during the 1800s would use local phrases when describing certain numbers so they could keep players entertained. These phrases caught on and have been a part of the game since. This is why some bingo calls feature cockney rhyming slang. With the increased popularity of online bingo, the role of the bingo caller has been somewhat diminished over recent years. 

Online Casino Bingo Caller 

The virtual bingo caller which is used in online games has many differences when compared to a real life bingo caller. 

  1. They aren’t real! The first difference is also probably the most glaring, the bingo caller isn’t actually real. They are simply a recorded voice reading scripted words. Whilst this doesn’t impact the enjoyment of listening to them, the bingo caller can’t bounce off of players like real life bingo calls can.
  2. Reduced emphasis. The bingo caller isn’t as prominent in online games, sometimes they are even replaced by flashing text. There are many reasons for this, for instance online bingo lets players keep the chat going in a game so listening to a bingo caller can get distracting.
  3. Players are more likely to be enjoying online bingo at home. There is no denying that a fun bingo caller is perfect for a night out, having one whilst most players are sat at home in their pajamas doesn’t give off the right impression. To compensate, bingo sites have made the bingo caller a feature of the background instead. 

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Other Differences 

The role of the bingo caller isn’t the only difference between real life and online bingo games. Although they are both the exact same game, online and real life bingo have a lot of differences between each other. 

●     Chat Rooms allow players to speak to each other online, they aren’t found anywhere in real life bingo as interactions happen face to face.

●     Online bingo is available 24/7, something which bingo halls cannot claim. There are no opening or closing times for online bingo, it is available whenever the player wants it.

●     Payment is very different in online bingo, players will have a host of methods to choose from including pay by mobile, paypal and even bank transfer. In real life bingo, players won’t be given so many options to choose from. 

In Conclusion 

A bingo caller is not really needed for an online game, the sheer amount of games that online sites host would make it impossible to work in this position.

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