How Do Prescription Drug Coupons Work?

Prescription medication can be of a great deal of importance to your regular health treatment plan. It could range from addressing minimal issues to even having a life-saving impact. However, some of those drugs can cost an exorbitant amount of money, even with health insurance to cover some of the cost. Thankfully, just like going to the supermarket, coupons can cut into some of the cost of your meds.

Pharmacy Coupons

Patients can look into getting a discount card through a variety of websites that will allow them to obtain rebates and lower costs every time they go to their pharmacy. Let’s say you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, and have been prescribed Cialis by your primary care provider or a specialist. A Cialis coupon could cut into some of the cost, regardless of whether or not you have health insurance. This is even recommended for ED patients who may have higher deductibles on their current insurance plan.

You can obtain this lower price by going to your local pharmacy, or check into the availability of discounts with a particular retailer. In general, some big-box retail pharmacies like Walmart or Walgreens will offer prescription drugs and refills at a lower price than your hometown pharmacy. An additional coupon could help you get the best price on the market right now. This can be extended to other erectile dysfunction medications beyond Cialis, such as Viagra and Levitra, or even generic options with the active ingredient sildenafil citrate.

Manufacturer Reimbursement

Coupons for prescription medicines can actually go by different names, including pharma coupons or copay assistance programs. These programs can actually be funded by the manufacturers of brand-name medications. These programs help lower the out-of-pocket cost that a patient encounters. These programs are usually provided to patients at an extremely low cost because of that direct funding. With the help of certain rebates, some patients can get their meds without paying a dime.

Manufacturers entrust in these types of programs because they know that there’s a great chance customers will continue to utilize that product as part of their medical treatment. That’s because that discount price or subsidy actually comes back tenfold to manufacturers. For example, a coupon could spare a cardiac patient from having to spend on nitroglycerin, but the drug company may be able to collect from their insurance plan because the pharmacist dispensed that brand rather than a generic option. At the end of the day, manufacturers know you’re looking to not pay the exact price of a medication.

Medicare and Prescription Coupons

A patient enrolled in a Medicare prescription drug plan may not be able to capitalize on drug coupons, but other Medicare policyholders do qualify for discounts on the retail price of their medications. This includes Part A and Part B, or original Medicare, along with Medicare Advantage Part C. If you do have the prescription drug plan, you can opt against using it if the reduced price is actually cheaper with the help of a coupon or discount card than the coverage itself.

Be sure to consult with your health care providers if you wish to opt for a generic version that is generally at least 85% cheaper than the cost of a brand-name prescription medication. You can even reach out to your local pharmacy about prescription savings, even obtaining price lists to better understand the cost of those drugs. The higher expenses may occur if the drug discount price is available for only a certain amount of time, or coupons may be single-use. Be sure to weigh your options and use those discounts and rebates to their utmost benefit.

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