5 Exercises You Can Do to Clear Your Mind & Reduce Stress

When people think about stress and relaxation, they often feel that one cannot help the other, but that depends on the type of stress. Healthy stress, like exercise, can actually help the body disengage and relax. Anything from riding Orange County beach cruisers to joining in at the local gym for an aerobics class can help relieve negative stress and relax the body. There are at least five exercises you can do to reduce stress, clear your mind, and relax.

1. Cycling

Cycling is one of the most beneficial and approachable exercises for anyone at any age. Even seniors with flexibility issues can choose an adult trike to remove any balance concerns. Additionally, if you are worried about getting too far from home, you can use a hybrid bike to help ease the burden of distance.

Cycling is an excellent way to disengage from the stress of daily life and enjoy the natural beauty right around your neighborhood. Take in some sun, breathe the fresh air, and allow yourself to live in the moment to relax.

2. Hiking

If you do not have the budget to purchase a men’s or women’s hybrid bike, consider investing in a decent pair of shoes or boots and head for the trails. Most cities and states have designated walking or hiking paths. These pathways typically go through natural scenery, and depending on if you live near water, you might take in some sights of lakes, ponds, rivers, or oceans.

Hiking also offers some unique challenges, like inclines and varying terrain. If you focus on the path ahead of you and leave your worries at your front door or vehicle, you should be able to clear your mind and destress.

3. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent exercise for improving flexibility, mobility, and balance; it is also quite meditative. When performing yoga routines, you need to focus on breath control, and you are encouraged to stay present in the activity. Breathing and staying present will help you clear your mind of any worries or stressors from your day, allowing you to relax.

4. Sports

If you are generally more active, someone who can’t stand the idea of sitting still, meditation and cycling might not be the best fit for you because they are more reflective activities. Instead, playing sports with a group of friends or peers might provide more options for distraction and relaxation. It is still a form of exercise, so sports can help to relieve tension.

5. High Energy Activities

If your anxiety has you feeling particularly giddy, consider a high-energy activity like an aerobics class or a HIIT routine. If you can focus your nervous energy on something more positive and beneficial, you might be able to limit the stress you are feeling. Competitive cycling is another option.

Are you ready to take control of your life and its stressors? If so, purchasing a bicycle is an excellent first step. Head over to your local bike shop and ask for help finding the right style and size for your needs.

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