Life Span Of A Hair Unit?

Hair units are used by people who suffer from hair problems and do not opt for hair transplants. A hair unit is also a reliable source of hair restoration. However, several questions worry people who plan to use a hair unit. Keep reading as further we will discuss the most important questions related to hair units. We will also answer the frequently asked question: how long do hair units last? We will try to include the best and suitable answers that satisfy the reader.

Hair Unit! What is it?

A hair unit is also known as a man weave is a piece of extension that is constructed for men and women as a hair loss remedy. It is used by people who are suffering from thinning of hair or hair loss that can be caused by genetic factors, nutritional deficiency, age factors, stress, or follicular damage due to a chemical reaction. So to restore their look, people use hair units. They are also called hair wigs, you can check online for the best hair wigs price in Karachi.

How is a hair unit attached to the scalp?

A hair unit on the scalp is bound to the scalp with the help of a specially designed bonding agent. Skin-friendly glues and products securely affix the hair unit to the scalp. For people who are not comfortable at night and wish to remove the hair unit at night a unique tape is available that is used instead of the glue and some other bonding.

How long does a hair unit last?

A hair unit lasts up to 6 weeks. If you have applied a hair unit that has a longer life, then it may last up to a year. A hair system can live sometimes more than its particular period if it is well maintained and appropriately taken care of. Hair units for short period are replaced after their period that might be 3-6 weeks. However, an extended-term hair unit requires a lot of care to complete its period comfortably and without any hassle.

How to take care of a hair unit?

People, who use a hair system often worry about the life span of the hair unit and frequently ask how long does a hair system last? The quick and the short answer is that how well you maintain your hair system. Then they ask how to maintain a hair system and what is meant by taking proper of a hair system. Taking care of a hair system can be a little hectic, but soon you will find it a simple chore of your routine. Let’s delve into the main points of hair system maintenance.

  • Avoid tangling the hair of your hair unit.
  • If you get your hair system tangled, gently get it untangled.
  • Before shower or hair washing, untangle your hair to prevent hair breakage.
  • If you’re asked to use specific products by your stylist or hair artisan, do use them to retain the appearance of the hair unit.
  • Ask your hairstylist if it is suitable to use hair sprays on your hair system
  • Usage of hot water.
  • Hot styling devices like a straightener
  • Sunlight is also not very good for your hair unit, seek the advice of your hairstylist
  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair to prevent tangles.
  • Regular hair cut and edge up is also important to maintain the hair unit

How long does a man hair unit last?

Hair units can last from a month to a year. It is not only a man’s hair unit or a women’s hair unit. Hair units have their timeline. A short term and a long term which can be used for a year? All that is important is the maintenance and the preservation of the hair unit that decides whether it should last long or end soon.

Hair systems are a wonderful quick fix to your hair problems. The important part is the maintenance to increase the lifespan and to preserve the appearance of the hair unit.

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