Would men watch soccer or rather play Online Bingo at Bongos?

It is a strange one with bingo sometimes, as it seems to be a game that is almost always attributed simply to old people in some circles, however in actuality it is played by a massive demographic of people. This has always been true, what with bingo being as at home in schools as it is in care homes and local working mans clubs. In the 21st century, however, because of the emergence of online bingo there isn’t a generation that isn’t obsessed with bingo – also try Egyptian Queen slots game.

Oh yes, something that probably put some people off bingo back in the 20th century was the fact that the main place to play it was in designated bingo halls, and these weren’t often the “coolest” places to be. But with online bingo at places like Bongo’s you can now engage in the game from the comfort of your own home, so there is no wonder it has got way more popular. It has led us to wondering; would men watch soccer or rather play online bingo at Bongo’s? Keep reading to find out! 

The new and exciting world of online bingo 

Just like the rapidly expanding world of online casino, online bingo originated at the beginning of the 21st century, and it has already resulted in millions of new bingo players picking up the fun and exciting game. The popularity of online bingo also owes The Gambling Act 2004 for its success in the UK at least, as this paved the way for an increase in online bingo advertising that really helped spread the word. 

Furthermore, with online bingo there is so much more to keep people engaged, such as bespoke online bingo chat rooms, and a variety of special little bingo themed mini-games to choose from too. 

Bongo’s Bingo: What even is it? 

Next on the agenda: what is Bongo’s Bingo. Well, if you are a young professional chances are you would have heard about one of the many Bongo’s Bingo club nights being staged across the UK, as they have enjoyed rampant success since their establishment back in 2015. Bongo’s Bingo blend dancing, party games and music with bingo, and it is a combination that has earned them many fans. 

They don’t just deal with real life bingo club nights though, as they have also started offering online bingo sessions too. 

How does soccer compare to online bingo at Bongo’s 

We all know how much most men love soccer, but how does it compare to online bingo at Bongo’s? Well, for a start, online bingo at Bongo’s is a lot more interactive than simply watching the soccer, and in this way it can also be a lot more exciting. 

One thing that you do get with soccer, however, is the culture around supporting a specific team, something that could be missed with online bingo at Bongo’s. 

Would men watch soccer or rather play online bingo at bongos? 

The golden question – would men watch soccer or rather play online bingo at Bongo’s? It all depends on the man in question!

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