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Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Budget


Whether you want to make your home better or just increase its value for a big sale, you usually end up spending a lot of money on renovations. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it doesn’t need to be that way. Here are some budget-friendly upgrades to increase the value of your home:

The Upgrades

1. Take care of small details 

Insignificant changes can add up to make a big difference. People often subconsciously notice the small details and that makes an impact on the final purchase decision. Even if you’re on a tight budget, these upgrades. First of all, you should deep clean your house so that it isn’t dirty and looks brand new. A clean house with no spills, molds, or stains shows a potential buyer that the house has been maintained in top condition.

You should also update your flooring. While soft flooring gets stained easily, they are cheap to replace. If you DIY the flooring instead of getting it done by a professional, you can save even more money. Also, make sure to fix those leaky faucets and damaged outlets by hiring a plumber and electrician. Potential buyers would inspect your home in detail before they buy, and you don’t want those insignificant factors to ruin the sale or bring down the price of your home.

2. New paint job

Painting walls are easy and inexpensive. Buy a few gallons of paint, rollers, brushes, drop cloths, and tape and you’ve equipped yourself well enough. Bring down the old wallpapers and mark the walls that have faded colors or where paint is chipping away. You don’t need to be limited to the walls either. While your home gets a fresh coat of paint, your furniture and drawers shouldn’t be left behind. If they are made of wood and have been preserved in good condition you can give them a brand-new look.

When you plan the paint, job make sure to opt for neutral colors like white, shades of grey, brown, and beige. That kind of paint job would appeal to any buyer since they can easily change the theme by swapping out furniture. If you’re painting the home for yourself, you can create whatever theme you like.

3. Upgrade the lighting

Updating light fixtures would have a massive impact on your home. If you can source decent light fixtures, they can add elegance to your home and raise its aesthetics. Get pendant or chandelier style fixtures and switch them with boring lamps and tubes. You can also get amazing wall light shades that are shaped like animals and are made from a polymer material to save cost. Switch regular bulbs with LEDs that have a wide range of color temperatures. This allows you to create a cold or warm ambiance at the press of a button and can make your home look grander and more welcoming.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you get these affordable upgrades to increase the value of your home.

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