How Does Live TV Work Exactly?

Most of us are quite familiar with analog, digital, cable, satellite, and now streaming services, particularly for TV services for our households and businesses. Though some may not be familiar with the technicalities involved and one can easily differentiate the outcome and pricing based on their nature. But when it comes to Live TV, a good amount of people are still not sure about the differences between streaming services and this.

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In this article, we will try to explain how does live TV works exactly. We’ll classify the process of how live TV functions into a few steps to help you understand it better. So, let’s get started!

  1. The customer selects the feed from the available channels. This feed is then sent across a streaming server like Adobe media server. After it, the feed then transfers to a transcoding server for transcoding. It then transmits the media to the streaming server. Finally, the streaming server will display the media over the internet through various devices.

Note that this is only a simple idea to give you an overview of how the system works. Its applications in the real world are quite complicated.

  1. Live TV works on the Internet Protocol other than a packet-switched network to transmit media. Online TV includes IPTV (internet protocol television) and OTT (over the top ). IPTV works as a part of a dedicated system that is managed and controlled by the TV provider. The OTT service, on the other side, offers advanced video options on websites that include video-on-demand platforms. These options allow the user to buy or rent the content from the source website through video-on-demand options available. In comparison to the end-to-end pipe of IPTV, the costs for OTT are much lower.
  2. OTT serves its users with powerful tools and flexible models for generating revenue through subscription. The OTT subscription packages are easy to customize to make them beneficial for both the customers and the company. Depending on the needs of the users, they have the option of selecting any of the Subscription Business Models listed below:
  3. Membership Website Model
  4. Network Model
  5. Private Club Model
  6. All-you-can-eat Library Model
  7. Simplifier Model
  8. Peace-of-mind Model
  9. Consumables Model
  10. How Does Someone Using Something Model
  11. Font-of-the-line Subscription Model
  12. This complex distribution system mostly starts with the satellites acting as the source of transmitting signals. The signals distributed are received by the receivers. These signals are termed broadcast signals. The user has to register his identity to use the services of these broadcasts.
  13. The video processing cycle might happen at almost every step of the process. It could be the addition of ads or the compression or signals or both of them together. Other processes such as format changing and encoding the signals of transmission also take place at any point in each step.

Live TV vs. Streaming

In simple words, Live TV, as the name indicates, shares everything Live, unlike streaming services where everything is already available in the library. Live TV can be compared to the live streaming we see online, perhaps periscope or any live stream notification you get. This is how live TV is different from streaming services and everything we see online that is already uploaded.

Conclusive Notes

In the above discussion, we attempted to explain how Live TV works exactly in a step-by-step mini-guide. We hope by the end of this read you have more information about it. We assume you are looking for buying a subscription so by now you know how streaming OTT services are different from Live TV and which one you would want to invest in.

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