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As we all know about fantasy cricket is an online strategy game for cricket enthusiasts. Everyone can’t play for India, which creates a sense of disappointment in people. But you can play fantasy cricket without any rules, restrictions and you don’t be qualified as a professional player.

Fantasy cricket has become a platform for cricket enthusiasts who can experience the same as if they played a real cricket game. Fantasy cricket also has some benefits which will create a sense of motivation in the minds of people. It is somewhat better than addiction to an online game.

It is always better to choose wisely when coming to the selection of your team where you can gain in return without effort. All you have to use is your mind, analyzing things, putting them on paper, and going for the possibilities.

Winning a fantasy cricket is also not straightforward as the original game, as everyone thinks it is. You will gain some rewards, gifts, or cash prizes if you win, but that is the point you have to focus on. Winning is not that simple if you don’t strategize things. You have to choose the eleven best players who can perform at their best and the probability of winning.

Tips for picking a fantasy cricket team

  1. The first thing you need to do before selecting your team is to always check for the best players and their performances, whether they have performed well in their recent matches or not. You cannot just pick a player who is good in few matches. Recent performances always matter. That is why you have to check up for the players’ recent performance in the matches. Player’s performances in their recent matches are more valuable than their records. Since it is a league and your gains always depend on the player’s performance, you need to be careful in choosing the players. It is always better to choose class players as they can perform better in the long run.
  2. The second thing to keep in mind is that you need to analyze the weather and the nature of the pitch, which most people ignore. When you play fantasy cricket, you need to check up on weather reports and the nature of the pick and analyze things. This will help you to play the game better. If the pitch is dry and slow and the game is in the afternoon session, you need to take more spinners. If the pitch is green and regular, you can select swing bowlers to help you with your game.
  3. Always try to select top-order batsmen for the team. They are always capable of playing smart to win the game, especially T20s. As they get more deliveries, they will have the chance of scoring more runs for the game. This would help you increase the probability of your winning chances.
  4. The next point has to be considered as one of the essential things. You have to choose the captain and vice-captain of your team. This point could be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose the game. The captain will get 2x points in a fantasy league, and the vice-captain will get 1.5x points. So, if you make the right decision of choosing the captain and vice-captain, then you could have more chance of winning the game.
  5. When you pick up a team for a match, always be a step ahead and active in every aspect. Be aware of all the updates, news, last-minute changes in the teams. By knowing these things, you can increase the chances of winning the match.
  6. One of the crucial things of the game is the toss. According to the toss, you can choose the right team and make changes if you want any. This could be a determining factorin making changes to your team and putting in the right players for the game.
  7. Another best tip while fantasy cricket is that you can always create multiple teams. This could help you in increasing the chances of winning the game. Even if you lose one game, you could win the other. Therefore, always try to go with multiple teams since there is no limitation.
  8. Always check up for the latest announcements, updates, terms, and conditions of the game before playing because this could help you stay a step ahead with your strategy and game plan.
  9. One important thing you should be aware of when choosing a team is always to update the players regarding their health, injuries, etc. This could be a determining factor in their performance. Also, plan the batting order accordingly. This will help you win the match.
  10. You have to choose the wicketkeeper, bowlers, batsmen, fielders and make the right decision in doing so. You have to predict who will put in their best performances for a team. Check who would fit best in the top 4 batsmen. This will help you increase the chances of winning the match. The same trick holds while choosing fielders, wicketkeepers, and bowlers.


To sum it up precisely, to choose a winning team:

  • Always check the payers past and latest performances
  • Select the top-order batsmen 
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain wisely
  • Stay tuned with the latest updates
  • Always concentrate on the weather and pitch report
  • Toss is an essential factor. Plan your game accordingly.
  • Create multiple teams to increase the probability of winning.

Fantasy cricket is not that easy as everyone thinks it is. You have to go through the same phase as the players go out there in the actual matches. You have to plan everything ahead of the match and make quick decisions. You have to analyze even minute things so carefully to have more chances of winning the match.

Since not many people can play real cricket, you can experience the essence of real cricket through fantasy cricket. You can make some money out of it too and win rewards without any investment.

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