Up Your Game & Save Shots with A Golf GPS Device

Golfers of all handicaps and abilities know the importance of range and accuracy on a golf course. No matter how well you know your local course there can be several variables. Pin positions, weather, can all have an influence on whether you hit that mid-iron or less with your approach shot.

Knowing how far you hit each club is a vital asset for most golfers and can really help get the most from your game. From your wedge and short game to your iron play and driver, a Golf GPS device can be the missing link to lowering your handicap.

Golf has evolved and with it so has golf equipment. Many amateur golfers now make use of a golf GPS watch or device to assist them when out on the course. This hand device can help with –

  • Better accuracy
  • Speed of Play
  • Shooting lower scores
  • Better course management

Portable Caddy

A golf GPS device is like having your own portable caddy. Providing a solid overview of each hole, handheld yardage at your fingertips, pin positions on each green, distances to hazards. The benefits are endless.

There are plenty of options to choose from and something for all budgets. For those just starting out in the game, an entry-level device will be more than adequate. For the more seasoned golfer, there are an array of devices and rangefinders to choose from.

The Rise In Popularity

The sport of golf has really grown in popularity in the last 18 months, possibly due to the pandemic and the fact it can be played with social distancing without any problems.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a sport that is enjoyed in nature. With many more people now looking for a better life-work balance, golf is a sport or hobby that can certainly help prove this.

The downside to golf is that it can be an expensive hobby. From green fees to equipment, there is a lot to consider. A decent set of irons, driver, hybrid, putter, gap wedge. Are you going to carry your own bag or use a push trolley or invest in a motorized trolley? Golf balls, tee pegs, golf shoes. There are swing training aids, golf simulators many things to consider and enjoy to help improve your golf game.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a very rewarding sport. It can also be very challenging. With so many factors and aspects to the game, there is a lot to master. From tee to green, a lot can go wrong and often does for the mere mortal player. While a GPS device can really help your game, it isn’t essential. The main thing is to get out on the course and enjoy playing whatever your level or ability.

Do you use a golf GPS device when you’re out on the golf course, if so which one? Let us know in the comments

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