4 Tips That’ll Always Keep Your WordPress Site Up and Running

It is straightforward and easy to create your website or blog, but it is hard to maintain it without any pointers. When you first start creating your WordPress website or blog, you will undoubtedly need some information on effectively managing it. Because of that, we present you with four tips that’ll always keep your WordPress site up and running.


Plugins and tools contain fantastic features which can be incorporated into something like WordPress. By using them, you will improve the accessibility and design of your website or blog, and you will be able to customize it to your own needs. If you want to sell real estate or clothing online, you can use plugins and tools to showcase products better or add the option to rate them. And not just that, two-factor authentication and much more can be added with tools or plugins.

For starters, we recommend that you take a closer look at Emergency Recovery Script and its great features. With the core files scanner feature, you can check all the core files on your WordPress website yourself. This feature will alert you if any changes were made to the files or if you are missing some core files.

The Emergency Recovery Script also allows you to reinstall and/or remove any of those core files.

If you cannot log in to your website or blog and just see the white screen of death, do not worry. That is just another reason why you should use the Emergency Recovery Script. With it, you can reset user roles and privileges or create new admin accounts. Also, it has a fantastic feature that can, with one click, reset everything on your WordPress site. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly try different plugins and tools to see which one best suits your needs and desires, and in addition to that, if something is wrong with the site, it can also provide you with relief by resetting everything. Check the status of LACENTRALRD website

In the end, it is essential to emphasize that ERS is created to recover your WordPress site no matter what complex situation you face and that it works best in combination with WP Reset.


If you do not keep up and regularly update WordPress or any of the tools and add-ons you use, you will be put in a bad situation. Regular updates will provide you with additional and new features that will fix any found security flaws, which can make your site vulnerable and slow. Therefore, you need to watch out for any new updates if you want to keep your website up-to-date and well-protected.


If you want to prevent data loss because of server issues or malware, you should make backups. Plus, you never know when you will accidentally delete something.

There surely was a moment when you were terrified that you lost all of your data, or you did, in fact, lose it. By using backups, those moments will be a thing of the past. The already mentioned Emergency Recovery Script will help you as well if you have WP Reset installed as you will be able to use its handy database snapshot feature.

In any case, website backups should be performed regularly, be it daily or weekly.


If you want to create a safe space for your visitors or customers, setting up SSL should be a top priority. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and you need to set it up and use it because, without it, everyone that visits your website or blog will be at a significantly higher risk. So, protect your visitors, customers, as well as your credit/debit card payments and prevent hackers from accessing and manipulating information and personal details on your site.

Be safe and use SSL for safeguarding websites from scammers and data leaks.


After reading this post, you should better understand how to maintain your website. Our advice is to begin by downloading Emergency Recovery Script. With this tool, you will have crucial features you need to maintain and run your WordPress website or blog.

So, good luck with your WordPress adventure. We hope those four tips will help you out!

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