Top 8 tips to purchase the gemstones perfectly

The internet and e-commerce have completely changed the purchasing behaviour of consumers nowadays and everybody wants to have the convenience element in purchasing every commodity. Hence, there are several kinds of people who are indulging in gem selections through online systems and want to purchase the gemstones at the comfort and convenience of their home places perfectly. A few years back this concept seemed to be a dream but now that particular dream has come true because there are different kinds of organisations that are coming up with the online selling of gemstones in India so that people can get rid of the obstacles in their life very efficiently. At the time of indulging in the purchasing decisions of the gemstones at, people need to follow different kinds of tips and tricks to enhance their overall experience and some of those tips are mentioned as follows:



  1. The very first consideration which people should pay attention to at the time of purchasing gemstones online in India or anywhere else is colour. The colour should be given top-notch priority in the whole process and the colour should be as pure as possible without any kind of mixing of shades. For example, a simple blue is very much different from a blueish-green and so on which is the main reason that considering the colour of a gemstone is very vital and apart from this tone and saturation should also be paid attention. The higher the tone and the better the situation better will be the colour of the gemstone and this particular point is very important to be taken into consideration in the whole process.
  2. The top shades will be the true colours without any kind of mix of shades and it is very much important for people to consider that they spend a considerable amount of time judging the colour and cut of the gemstone at the time of purchasing it. Spending the right kind of time, resources and efforts in the world of gemstone photography are highly expected from the sellers nowadays so that they can provide the consumers with the most accurate photo and video of the gemstone. People should also pay proper attention to the monitor resolutions, graphics, capacity, colour settings and several other kinds of things so that accuracy can be enhanced in photography and people can purchase the right kind of gemstones. The sellers should also focus on the accuracy of the photography because emphasising the beauty of the gemstones is very much important and indicating different kinds of characteristics like feathers and inclusions is also very vital.
  3. At the time of purchasing the gemstones in India, the people need to pay proper attention to the video and photograph as well as 3-D view of the gemstone so that they have proper access to evaluation of cut, clarity and colour and most importantly all the inclusions. The inclusions of the gemstones have a major impact on the final price which is the main reason that paying attention to this point is very much important. Natural gemstones will always have some of the inclusions and some of those will never be visible by the naked eye. So, considering the video, 3-D view and photograph are very much important.
  4. The people should also have different kind of facilities for the comparison of colour and prices at the time of selecting the gemstones online. The gem prices will be a difficult subject and in general, people need to compare prices of two gemstones in the same weight range. The gemstone price will always move by the geometrical progression and if the seller is providing the option of comparing different prices of finished products then one must avail into all these kinds of options. People should compare two or three gemstones and utilise different kinds of strategies in the whole process so that perfect decisions are always made.
  5. Several kinds of authentic sellers will disclose a different kind of treatments clearly in the most common treatment is the heat treatment. The heat-treated gemstones will be approximately 25% lesser than the price in comparison to the unheated ones. If people are purchasing gemstones online for original purposes then it is highly advisable to take the unheated gemstones because the heated ones will be destroying the overall purposes of purchasing them and will bring a lot of misfortune and bad luck.
  6. The origin of the gemstone is another very important point which the people need to consider at the time of purchasing them only. Normally the blue sapphire will come from Burma, Sri Lanka and Kashmir because these are the most preferred sources of blue sapphires. Hence, having an idea about the origin of the gemstone is also very much important so that one can be assured of the authenticity associated with it without any kind of hassle element in the whole process.
  7. The people also need to check the certification of the gemstone and one must always make sure that it is always from the independent and established gemstone laboratory. The gemstone certification will always add a great amount of value to the overall purchasing decision and in case the gemstone will be accompanied by an appraisal from the established government authority or body then it will be a great bonus in the whole process. Hence purchasing the certified gemstones is highly advisable for people so that they can make the right kind of decisions all the time.
  8. At the time of purchasing the gemstones online, it is also very much important for the people to be aware of the returns and refunds policies of the sellers and considering the reviews of that particular seller is also very much important on different kinds of websites because reviews are directly linked with the credibility of the seller.


 Hence, purchasing the gemstones by following all the above-mentioned points is very much crucial nowadays. Depending upon companies like Khannagems is highly advisable for the people so that people get safe, effective, rewarding, satisfactory and valuable purchasing experiences.

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