Augmented Reality And Its Uses In Real Estate & Medical Training

Augmented Reality is a system that integrates the digital concept of sound, visual, and other technological components to provide the advanced version of the real physical world. It can be defined as the technology that virtually places a 3D visual into a real-world experience by manipulating the real and virtual worlds by implementing digital components. It has become a new interface for humans that connect the physical and real world.

Augmented Reality has already entered deep into the life of people through mobile games. In a quote, mobile games like Pokemon became famous all over the world and had more than 100 million users with estimated earnings of more than $ 2 billion. Many big organizations like  General Electric, Mayo Clinic, Facebook, Google, Amazon, US Navy have already started using AR for their products and services.

Apart from entertainment and games in Smartphones, Augmented Reality has found many uses in other important sectors like Real Estate, Health Care & Medical training. Let’s find out more about it:

Real Estate

Augmented Reality has gripped almost every sector including real estate too. AR & VR Technology has changed the way of examining the property, now the client can have a 3D, 360-degree visual idea of the property, i.e interior to exterior design, using their smartphones. The brokers make a custom design according to the need and taste of the client and present a visual image in real-time to choose one.

Real Estate brokers or agencies have started making use of this technology to offer an enhanced and visual demonstration of properties to their clients. The technology has enhanced the marketing strategies for realtors and by using AR software and tools, Real Estate agencies can explain the future prospect of the property or house to the customers in real-time and real-size.

This way AR & VR (Virtual Reality) reduces the time of both buyers and sellers that they used to spend on visiting the various sites or properties to select one. With Augmented Reality, sellers can provide a future design of the house with its furniture, and other essential elements that help clients to get a more clear picture of the property. In this way, this technology aids real estate professionals to impress their clients and drive sales more comfortably.

Some of the best AR tools that the realtors used to attract buyers are given below:

Real Estate App: It is a powerful AR creator tool for real estate agents that can create a 3D design of the property in a real-size, and real-world for buyers.

Curate App: This tool is used to plan and design the interior of the house. After buying a house, buyers can experience the live demo of the interior arrangement like furniture, curtains, and other things.

The other useful AR creation tools for realtors include iStaging, Lyon Real Estate App, etc. So, if you are a real estate agent or a company then you should take the benefits of Augmented Reality by using these AR creation tools.

Medical Training

Augmented Reality has been greatly used by healthcare professionals for superior results and better care of the patients. With AR, medical professionals can obtain detailed and added information about patients during the process of Computed Tomography scans (CT scans), MRI, and surgical procedures. Not limited to only treatment and medical processes,  AR is also used in medical training in order to provide an enhanced and easy learning experience to medical students. The benefit of AR technology in medical training is that it can lessen student’s time required for various writing assignments, theories, and thus enrich the end result.

The advanced features of Augmented Reality have brought a revolutionary change in the field of medical training, education, surgical process, and other medical practices. This new technology tool is very useful for the students, as well as for tutors or educators that can not only ease the medical training but also restructure the medication education.

Augmented Reality tools for Health Care are mentioned below:

AccuVein: This tool helps the doctor by finding the patient’s vein for injection.

Brain Power: This AR app is useful for patients suffering from Autism and helps them in learning life skills.

Saagara: This AR tool is designed to raise the mental and physical health of patients.

The other useful AR tools in the medical profession include VR Dentists, Anatomy 4D, Google Glass, and many more.

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