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The wedding season is right around the corner and that means you need to plan a last fling with a destination party for your mate. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, planning a bachelor party can be overwhelming. Hopefully, the following steps will guide you to plan a memorable party.

The Steps

  1. Pick a destination – FOMO is real and it creeps up on you when you want to pick a destination. Your destination would be dictated by the amount of time you can afford to spend on a vacation, budget constraints, and how comfortable the bride or groom will be at the destination. Fortunately, many destinations check out all the right boxes. They are comfortable, exciting, and affordable. If you live on the West Coast, Vegas is a popular destination. If you want to incorporate a long drive, consider driving to a ski resort in Colorado, Utah, or New Mexico.
  2. Book flights and arrange transportation – Flight prices fluctuate. A lot. So, you want to book at least 2 wells in advance so that you can get the best prices for that particular date. You also need to consider transportation to the airport and to your destination. For instance, if you all live in the same place, you can meet up at one spot and hire a limousine to drive you to the airport in style. Check out the transportation at the place you visit. Depending on your road travel a rental car or uber may be the preferred option. If you are at a rural destination, Lyft and Uber may not be reliable.
  3. Book your stay – If you want to stay at a resort destination, there are a lot of hotels that are more than eager to offer luxury service. Check out the reviews and aim for a party-friendly environment instead of a family-friendly hotel. Some hotels may also go out of their way and offer you packages specially made for bachelor parties.

You can also go to a rental home since it is easier on the budget for a large group and gives you more freedom to arrange a wild evening. Check the restrictions placed by the owner on the property so that you can avoid being kicked out or paying extra during checkout.

  1. Reservations – Any bachelor party itinerary includes visiting highly popular places at that destination. That means reservations are critical for the success of your bachelor party. Book dinner reservations or call the establishment and let them know about the size of your group and if they would be able to accommodate everyone on short notice. You need to do the same for adult entertainment like booking a stripper or going to a nightclub. Nightclubs usually have VIP packages for bachelor parties. It’s better to book them in advance.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you also get trip insurance before you head out on your party. The tourism industry and airlines have become ridiculous since the past year and you need to make sure to get reimbursed if something unpredictable happens.

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