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Renovation Rules – 6 Rules To Follow When Renovating Your Home

Home Renovation! Renovating your home can help increase its value, create a more comfortable ambiance, and even reduce the need for maintenance in the future. 

Whether your goal is to get more living space or personalize the place a bit, John Munro Home Builders has put together six rules you need to follow to make the whole job much easier.

1. Focus on Efficiency

This is a chance to make your living space more functional and sustainable. You need to check for water leaks as even the smallest leak can result in a waste of energy and money. 

Renovation! If you have a heating system in the house, insulation must be improved. Fail to do so, and it’ll take more energy to keep the place warm.

When it comes to the kitchen, it would do you well to switch to an induction stove and matching induction cookware. You can cook food much faster this way, saving you a fortune in electrical costs.

2. Maximize Your Current Space

There’s plenty you can do to make the most out of the space you already have. Instead of having full-scale tables hogging all those functional spaces, why not install pull-out tray tables that can disappear and appear when needed? These are great for the living room, kitchen, and even for study corners. 

Building shelving into your walls can save you a ton of space on the floor and make your home look clutter-free. This gives you easier access to books and creates plenty of space for value-added features like family photos, plants, and aroma diffusers.

3. Plan Beforehand

One of the biggest issues with renovation is surprise costs. Start working on your budget early, and make sure you can handle it. 

If you’re getting a contractor to help you out, clearly communicate with them what you have planned and find out how they calculate their estimates. This will help ensure you have a common understanding of the budget and how high it should be.

Think about what might not go according to plan and try to anticipate it. You’ll need to reserve some room in your budget for the unexpected. If your home is old, it’s best to prepare for the worst-case scenario. 

4. Get a Good Team

If this isn’t a DIY job, you’ll have to get the best team you can find. You want the best contractors, builders, and architects on your side. Incompetence results in financial loss, so ask around for the best in the business. Friends and family who have renovated their homes before might be able to connect you with someone reliable. 

It’s important that whoever you pick has the right certifications and licenses. Going any old tradesmen might result in a waste of materials, resources, and money, so you need to be diligent with this.

5. Play with Light

A lot of people look at how much natural light a home accommodates before even thinking about making an offer on a house. Bright colored windows, extra windows, skylights – they all go a long way toward amplifying the light coming into the house.

Add a bunch of mirrors to make spaces seem bigger than they are. Do whatever it takes to exploit light, and you will achieve a great deal without having to spend much.

6. Keep Your Neighbors in the Loop

Your project will probably affect those who live next to you, so it’s common courtesy for you to tell them what’s going on and what you have planned. Keep your neighbors in the loop, and you’ll avoid inspiring disputes over the noise or mess produced by your renovations. 

Follow the tips above, and your renovations should go more smoothly than most. 

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